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Here we explore topics related to writing and grammar from time to time; and we encourage you to send us your feedback, contributions, and suggestions for topics to explore.

A Museum for Lovers of Words? This I've Got to See!

A new museum (yes, another one) is coming to Washington, D.C. and will open December 2019. It promises to immerse visitors in the wonders and rewards of words and language arts. It’s called Planet Word. And, its mission is to inspire a love of language in all its forms. Here’s what it has to offer, according to the website.

We'll take our guests on an immersive journey that will awaken a love of language that will last a lifetime! We'll show every visitor the fun of words and language everywhere they look - from the menu in the café to the walls in the bathrooms to the floors and the stairwells. And by welcoming readers of all ages and at all language levels, including non-English speakers, Planet Word is truly for everyone.

This is a welcome treat to those of us who love language and reading, and it just might encourage those who are not fond of language to get on board. It purports to promote the power of words and the adage that the pen is more powerful than the sword.

You will find Planet Word at 1300 I Street, NW, Suite 400E, Washington, DC (in the old Franklin School building). It is a must-see destination for me and I will share my experience with you after I check it out. In the meantime, explore the website along with me here.


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