Strategic Plan

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The strategic plan for the Division of Controller (DOC), is aligned with the Department of Financial Services (DFS), Office of the Chief Operating Officer (OCOO) and the MCPS strategic planning framework, emphasizes our commitment to students in Montgomery County Public Schools. Outstanding staff, organizational effectiveness and exceptional student performance have led to MCPS success. The DOC is committed to a culture of collaboration, innovation and equity. We, along with the rest of OCOO and the school system, are building our future together


The mission of the Division of Controller is to fulfill the accounting requirements of a diverse school system. In order to meet the needs of the students in Montgomery County we recognize the importance of organizational effectiveness. The DOC is committed to:

  • Fulfilling the accounting requirements of a diverse school system community with the highest quality performance
  • Engaging collaboratively and respectfully with all partners, building a self-renewing learning community that reflects our values
  • Providing the highest quality business operations and support services that are essential to the educational success of all students
  • Organizing and optimizing resources, including effective use of technology and sustainable practices
  • Establishing strategic processes for operational excellence, customer service, and shared accountability that support teaching and learning
  • Hiring for excellence and building capacity of all staff
  • Promoting effective two-way communication


If the DOC staff cultivates a collaborative culture of service to understand and anticipate needs, communicate processes and the rationale for decisions, and ensure high quality services are accurate, timely, and reliable, then staff and school communities will have the appropriate resources and supports to accomplish their mission. Our top priority is to have all our staff focused on completing tasks in compliance with all county, state and federal regulations with the success and well-being of students in mind.


The following DOC core values are aligned with the DFS, OCOO and MCPS Strategic Plans:


We believe our work is focused on the success of all students and employees; learning is achieved through creativity, innovation, focus, and hard work and lifelong learning for adults is essential to success of students.

Therefore, we will model our commitment to achieve continuous improvement, foster professional learning communities that develop a high-performing workforce, and provide professional growth opportunities and support for all employees.


We believe that meaningful collaboration with staff, and school communities is a vital ingredient of our office’s success; stakeholder relationships make the Division of Controller more effective and help others fulfill their missions; and strong partnerships are built on trust and open and honest communication.

Therefore, we will know and seek to understand the perspectives, experiences, and needs of our customers, build strong, mutually supportive relationships with the customers, departments, divisions, schools, or offices we serve, and use interest-based and other collaborative methods to identify and achieve mutually agreed upon goals. We are committed to maintaining high performance standards and to fulfilling reasonable customer expectations through flexibility and creativity in overcoming obstacles.


We believe that respectful behavior generates trust that leads to excellence and high productivity; each individual staff member’s contributions add value to the quality of our services; and each individual should be treated with integrity, honesty, and respect.

Therefore, we will model civility in all interactions and encourage open and honest communications, provide opportunities for stakeholders to voice their opinions, actively recognize individuals’ contributions and progress, and approach others with the belief that they have positive intentions. We will respectfully collaborate with our stakeholders to plan and complete tasks.


We believe that success of our schools and students depends on setting and maintaining high standards for the work we do, that high-quality sustainable services and support for new or continuing accounting and financial systems are foundational to success. Actively engaged employees lead to excellence in service.

Therefore, we will use resources effectively and efficiently to meet and exceed standards, be accountable, measure performance, strive for continuous improvement,and continuously explore innovative and new products, practices, and solutions. We will maintain accountability by working collaboratively, respecting our customers and stakeholders, exercising professional integrity, and measuring and evaluating our performance.


We believe that every person has value; the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our organization provides a wealth of valuable perspectives; and racial and cultural barriers exist and must be acknowledged and eliminated.

Therefore, we will know customers and colleagues as individuals, seek multiple perspectives and relationships from within and outside the organization, proactively review data and practices that speak to racial and cultural inequities, and create growth and advancement opportunities that benefit all employees. 



The work for the DOC is grouped using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence: leadership, customer focus, strategic planning, operational focus, workforce focus, and results.


  1. The DOC leadership team focuses on ways to ensure our core values are deployed in our division.
  2. The DOC leadership team provides direction, establishes priorities, and models behaviors aligned with our core values.
  3. The DOC leadership team builds understanding of the “big picture,” and aligns units’ efforts to support system goals.
  4. The DOC leadership team functions as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and seeks to build upon practices that are working well and explore alternative ways to conduct our business. This is accomplished by creating an organizational environment that:
    • Demonstrates agility and strategic management to meet current needs and prepare for the future;
    • Promotes employee engagement, learning and supports the development of leaders;
    • Demonstrates ethical behavior and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements
    • Promotes sharing information and open communications.
  5. Encourages staff getting more understanding the functionality of other units to grow and progress;the DOC leadership team promotes understanding of MCPS fiscal policies and practices throughout the school system
  • As measured by the development, implementation, evaluation, and feedback of action plans created by the DOC, DFS, OCOO, and related performance measures.
  • As measured by the alignment of the DOC strategic plan with the DFS, OCOO, and MCPS strategic plans.
  • As measured by the Gallup Survey results

Strategic Planning

The DOC has a strategic plan that:

  • Aligns with the DFS and OCOO strategic plan core values and goals;
  • Monitors and align key processes to track improvement and effectiveness;
  • Includes action plans with targets and timelines, typically covering a three year period;
  • Includes performance measures that are monitored on a cyclical basis;
  • Includes individual staff’s performance goals that are aligned with the unit’s goals;
  • Includes internal communications that is provided in an explicit manner to inform staff of strategic direction and priorities continuing our role in the commitment to the students of MCPS; and
  • Promotes equitable practices by being customer focus.
  • As measured by the DOC performance measures that are tied to strategic plan goals
  • As measured by the implementation of action plans related to workforce equitable practices
  • As measured by annual review of the DOC goals and plans
  • As measured by staff inputs through meetings and staff professional growth plan, then progress on performance measures is reviewed and feedback is given
  • As measured by staff performance goals aligned with the strategic plan and reviewed annually with their supervisor

Customer Focus

  1. All DOC staff understands and anticipates customer needs and provides high quality services that focus on supporting principals, schools, and offices.
  2. The DOC communicates processes and the rationale for decisions to ensure customers and stakeholders understand how needs can be met.
  3. The DOC utilizes the “voice of the customer” to determine if needs are met in an accurate, timely, and reliable manner.
  4. The DOC collaborates with the business community and peers to adapt quality practices and technology that improves the efficiency of its services.
  • As measured by customer surveys, focus groups, complaint management systems, and other performance measures

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

  1. High-quality integrated information systems and user friendly tools are in place to help manage information, improve work efficiencies, and support unit operations.
  2. Appropriate data (trend, comparison, and benchmark) are accessible to support data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.
  3. Data are managed to assure integrity, timeliness, reliability, security, accuracy, and confidentiality.
  4. The DOC plans for change and evaluates work processes regularly. DOC collaborates with peers to benchmark continuous improvement practices.
  5. Customer and stakeholders have access to and understand DOC processes.
  • As measured by the management and analysis of data in support of office, department, and division goals and strategies during supervisory and staff meetings
  • As measured by the sharing of best practices that focus on continuous improvement and innovations
  • As measured by the unit tactical plans which reflect use of reports and tools to measure and verify the accuracy, availability and relevance of data

Workforce Focus

  1. The DOC recruits, hires, promotes, and retains the highest quality employees, providing training and development opportunities that support MCPS’ mission and core values.
  2. All tenets of Professional Growth Systems are in place to strengthen the capability and capacity of the workforce, including training, mentoring, coaching, and leadership development. Staff development and training are tailored to meet individual and organization needs.
  3. Professional Learning Communities are used to build the capacity of staff working and learning together.
  4. The DOC promotes the appreciation of diversity and equitable practices in the workplace.
  5. The DOC recognizes employee achievements and contributions.
  6. The DOC fosters a culture of respect where employees are highly engaged, morale is high, team spirit is evident, and job satisfaction is present.
  7. The DOC promotes the social emotional and physical well-being of staff.
  8. Employees are trained in the use of current technology as required to perform their work and fulfill the needs of customers and stakeholders.
  • As measured by workforce data, including new hire, promotion, and equity and diversity data
  • As measured by trends in staff attendance, retention, and turnover
  • As measured by response to the Gallup Survey and other surveys, feedback forms, focus groups and customer services comment cards
  • As measured by the staff development and training opportunities that are tailored to meet individual and organization needs as well as the ability to function as a cohesive team to provide the highest quality services

Operational Focus

  1. The DOC uses systematic approaches to improve processes and operational performance and to promote innovation.
  2. Process management and improvement decisions are driven by data and analysis of customer, stakeholder, supplier, and partner feedback.
  3. The DOC is committed to continuously evaluate and develop to meet the changing requirements of a diverse organization.
  • As measured by documentation of unit processes
  • As measured by process improvement and innovations
  • As measured by reports and results of process action teams, reengineering, and other improvement efforts.

DOC Strategies 

  • Promote a collaborative culture with cross-functional to seamlessly accomplish the work of the DOC.
  • Integrate equity action plans as part of the division’s strategic plan.
  • Use the Study Circles process to create a racial equity lens for the work of the DOC and to develop the skills to lead for equity.
  • Use an established quality management system for continuous improvement.
  • Implement action plans at the division.
  • Prioritize tasks for the allocation of resources.
  • Develop a range of recognition activities/acknowledgements of unique or outstanding efforts or accomplishments by individual staff or unit teams..
  • Develop service agreements that define products and services to be delivered.
  • Develop a range of approaches to promote employee engagement using Gallup survey results.
  • Promote and adhere to county, state and federal regulations in operations and services provided.
  • Communicate the performance results to customers and stakeholders.