School Funds Online (SFO)

SFO District Wide Vendor setup procedure

  • All 1099 REPORTABLE vendors (individuals, partnerships, trusts and other entities) are to be set up as DISTRICT-WIDE vendors and the W9 is to be sent to the Division of Controller by email to or by fax to 240-314-2246.
  • Upon completion of set up of a DISTRICT-WIDE vendor, notification will be sent to the requestor by DOC. Please wait to issue the payment until after notification is received.
  • MCPS Form 280-47A is no longer required.


One Time Vendor

SFO has a feature which allows checks to be issued as a ONE TIME VENDOR. This is for a vendor that will be paid only one time

There is no vendor record created and no audit trail

One - time vendors should ONLY be used for parent/student refunds of less than $50. No other use is permitted. 

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