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Montgomery County Collaboration Board (MCCB)

What is the Montgomery County Collaboration Board (MCCB)?  

MCCB is comprised of Montgomery County industry leaders who advise the public schools and community college on education programs and curriculum development. The foundation for MCCB is comprised of representatives from 11 Program Advisory Committees (PACs). School officials from Montgomery College (MC), Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), and the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) are selected to ensure that collaboration opportunities and industry feedback are brought back to the respective institutions.

How does the MCCB help the Montgomery County families, educators, employers, and industry leaders?  

  • Provides a seamless transition from MCPS to higher education in all career, technology, and education programs
  • Reinforces the need for rigorous academic and workplace skills preparation for all students
  • Assists educators, business people, parents, and students in focusing on career education options in the County 
  • Aligns the participation/feedback from the business community with curricular objectives that yield high quality programs
  • Aids in recruitment and retention of career-oriented programs at MC
  • Strengthens the link among MCPS, MC, the Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education (MCBRE)
  • Enhances communication between MCPS, MC, and the 11 PACs

 What is the structure of the MCCB?

 MCCB Org Chart 10_24_19_website graphic.jpg

What is the mission of MCCB?

The mission of the MCCB is to create and maintain a prepared, educated and adaptable workforce to meet the current and future needs to employers through articulated programs in Montgomery County.

What are the goals of MCCB?

  1. Provide a forum where the business community, MCPS, MC and USG can collaborate on trends and initiatives impacting career education, with the goal of ensuring a seamless transition from high school to college to the working world.
  2. Share industry challenges and best practices that can be incorporated into the maintenance and review of articulation agreements.
  3.  Discuss program trends and offer guidance and strategies to improve MSDE Program Quality index data collection and reporting.
  4. Develop a collaborative system to share the work of the MCCB and the program advisory committees.

 For more information about the Montgomery County Collaboration Board, contact Steve Boden at 240.740.2050 or