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Questions About Your Bus Route

Transportation Managers and Dispatchers

Supervisors of Routes 1100-1999

1100s: Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cluster
Mr. William Stapleton, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 469-1068 
1200s: Churchill Cluster
Ms. Kimberly Brown, Transportation Cluster Manager (Acting)
Phone: (301) 469-1029
1300s: Walter Johnson Cluster
Mr. Randolph Mussotte, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 469-1071
1400s: Walt Whitman Cluster
Mrs. Elizabeth Embry, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 469-1073
Dispatcher - Bethesda Depot
Phone: (301) 469-1140



Supervisors of Routes 2100-2998 

2100s: Damascus Cluster
Mr. Richard Williams, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 601-0332 
2200s & 2300s: Poolesville & Quince Orchard Clusters
Ms. Sharon Stream, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 353-0822
2400s & 2500s: Northwest & Seneca Valley Clusters
Ms. Gail Walker, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 601-0331

2600s: Clarksburg Cluster
Ms. Angela (Amy) Wilson, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 353-0953
Dispatcher - Clarksburg Depot
Mr. Steven Wise, Dispatcher 
Phone: (301) 353-0955

Supervisors of Routes 3100-3999

3100s: Einstein Cluster
Mrs. Debra Day, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 929-2246 
3200s & 3500s: Kennedy & Northwood Clusters
Mr. Ovsep (Joe) Awakian, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 929-6929
3300s: Sherwood Cluster
Ms. Shantae Birton, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 929-2263
3400s: Wheaton Cluster
Mrs. Dorothy Walker, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 929-2262
Dispatcher - Randolph Depot
Ms. Ann Kelley, Dispatcher 
Phone: (301) 929-2260

Supervisors of Routes 4100-4999  

4100s: Gaithersburg Cluster
Mr. Michael Lewis, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 670-8272 

4200s: Magruder Cluster
Mr. Larry Musson, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 670-8274

4300s: Watkins Mill Cluster
Mr. Randolph Thompson, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 670-8275

Dispatcher - Shady Grove North Depot
Mrs. Patricia Lewis, Dispatcher 
Phone: (301) 926-4179

Supervisors of Routes 5100-5999  

5100s: Richard Montgomery Cluster
Ms. Jenine Herron, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 670-8271 
5200s: Rockville Cluster
Ms. Tracy Marquez, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 840-4736
5300s: Wootton Cluster
Mrs. Deborah Lewis, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 670-8273
5800s & 5900s: Special Education Cluster
Mrs. Vicky Nickens, Transportation Cluster Manager 
Phone: (301) 840-5336
Dispatcher - Shady Grove South Depot
Phone: (301) 840-8150

Supervisors of Routes 6100-6900

6100s: Blair Cluster
Mrs. Robin Painter, Transportation Cluster Manager
Phone: (301) 879-1060 
6200s: Paint Branch Cluster
Ms. Marjorie Francis, Transportation Cluster Manager (Acting)
Phone: (301) 879-1061
6300s: Springbrook Cluster
Mrs. Jenny Callow, Transportation Cluster Manager (Acting)
Phone: (301) 879-1059
6400s, 6800s & 6900s: Blake & East County Clusters
Ms. Sheena Seegers, Transportation Cluster Manager (Acting) 
Phone: (301) 989-5739
Dispatcher - West Farm Depot
Phone: (301) 879-1062


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