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For Students

  • May begin earning student service learning (SSL) hours toward the 75-hour graduation requirement the summer after completing Grade 5. Hours are accrued throughout high school.
  • May receive a maximum of 8 SSL hours in any 24-hour period earned outside of the instructional school day.
  • Must participate in community organizations and opportunities that are preapproved for SSL if SSL hours are desired from community involvement.
  • May receive SSL hours for involvement in campaigns of individuals running for public office with the granting of MCPS Form 560-50. Request for Student Service Learning Pre-approval in advance of the public service.
  • Must perform service under the supervision on an adult representing an approved nonprofit tax-exempt organization. The exception is prior approval of MCPS Form 560-50, Individual Student Service Learning Request for direct service to residents/patients in for-profit nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.
  • May be recognized for exceptional service by having documented 75 hours (graduation requirement) by the first Friday in April of a middle school year. (Superintendent's Student Service Learning Award).
  • May be recognized for exceptional service by having documented 260 or more hours of service by the first Friday of April of senior year. (Certificate of Meritorious Service from MSDE and MCPS and a purple tassel to wear at the time of graduation exercises.)
  • Must verify service-learning experiences using MCPS Form 560-51 Student Service Learning Activity Verification and submit it to the school-based SSL coordinator according to the following timelines:
    • the last Friday in September for service performed during the summer;
    • the First Friday in January for service performed during the first semester
    • the First Friday in June for service performed during the second semester.

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