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Dept. of Enriched & Innovative Programs

Student eLearning Program


Michelle Lipson, Supervisor
(eLearning administration, OPTG info.)
E-mail or Phone: 301-279-3757

Sharon Carey, Administrative Secretary
(General questions, Program info.)
E-mail or Phone: 301-517-5921


Greg Abbott, Registrar
(Registration, Program info.)
E-mail or Phone: 301-279-3466

Jeff Swab, Comm. Spec./Web Producer
(Account support, Technical issues)
E-mail or Phone: 301-294-6436


Student eLearning
Carver Educational Services Center
850 Hungerford Dr., Suite 257F
Montgomery County Public Schools
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-517-5921, Fax: 301-279-3679

  • Summer 2014—Health

    Summer Session 2 of online Comprehensive Health Education ends tomorrow, 7/26, with the required F2F meeting and final exam. Good luck!

  • Summer 2014—FOT

    For Summer Session 2 online FOT, Semester A ends and Semester B starts today, 7/22/14, with a required face-to-face meeting.

  • Summer 2014—Health

    Summer Session 3 classes for online Comprehensive Health Education start Saturday, 7/19/14. Section 313 starts Monday, 7/21/14. Good luck this summer!

  • Summer 2014—Health & FOT

    Summer Session 1 online health and FOT Semester A classes end Saturday, 7/12, with their required F2F meetings. Good luck on exams! SS1 FOT Sem. B starts 7/12.

  • OPTG Program

    The Online Pathway to Graduation (OPTG) program has rolling admissions throughout the year. See the "OPTG" page for more information.

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AP Courses

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Online Pathway to Graduation

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Student eLearning

is a program for students seeking to accelerate their learning or to pursue credit recovery options by taking courses that follow a blended model of online and face-to-face instruction.

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