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Science and social studies websites

The science and social studies websites listed below provide information, online teaching activities, and downloads to support classrooms. Newly Alphabetized!

Science and Social Studies Websites to Support Teaching K-2 3-5 MS HS searchable
ABC Clio Schools
Choose from American Government, American History, State Geography, World Geography, and World History. Information is searchable by time period and type of resources (e.g., documents, maps, graphics, etc.)
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Awesome Stories
This social studies resource features narrated stories, video, & images on a number of topics. There are thousands of hand-selected and relevant links to pictures, artifacts, manuscripts, documents and other primary sources, IN CONTEXT, within each story. Membership is free for individuals or schools.
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Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
has information specific to the grade levels you are teaching. A good place to find simplified information for kids in upper grades. Click on Parents and Teachers for more links.
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New! Curious George from PBS Kids
has science activities for prek-1st grade oriented for classrooms or families.
Content for chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, and physics. Just the right amount of text on each page. Choose from a set of subtopics. Good navigation.
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New! Library of Congress Learning Page is especially for teachers. It includes lesson plans and professional development offerings. Learn to use primary sources to support the curriculum.     x x x
NASA for Educators has lesson plans, information and more x x x x x
National Geographic has sites devoted to animals, kids, history, people and places, science and space, and more. x x x x x
National Geographic Xpeditions Atlas
Printable maps of all continents and countries. You can view with or without cities and borders. Also check out National Geographic Maps 
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New! New York Times Lesson Plan Archive
Some of the lessons date back a few years, but there are some excellent resources for connecting study of history and social studies to current events.
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New! News Hour with Jim Lehrer
educational resources based on current issues and events: daily video and quick activity blog; news stories; lesson plans; student voices; video news reports.
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NOAA Education
Discover information about weather, climate change, earth science, oceanography and space. Links are sorted by elementary grades, high school grades, and adult learning.
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Online Periodic Table by the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Click on the links to learn information about each element.
Owl & Mouse Educational Software's Humanities Links take you to interactive social studies activities online. Have you tried these activities in MCPS? Tell us about it.            
New! Shmoop Literary and historical topics. "Shmoop will make a handy starting point for developing background knowledge, for topic, question, and thesis development, and for test prep. Some teachers will appreciate its value for preparing lessons."       x x
Windows to the Universe
You can choose a topic for a brief description and then select beginner, intermediate, or advanced to change the font size. You can also select Spanish or English. Click on "Images" at the bottom of the page to find space-related multimedia. Find the advanced search button on the side of the main page.
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Winged Sandals
A variety of resources, including digital text on Ancient Greece, Flash animation versions of Greek myths, a Who's Who of Monsters, Mortals and Gods, and a whole lot of fun games and materials.
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