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The Forum

Here we explore topics related to writing and grammar from time to time; and we encourage you to send us your feedback, contributions, and suggestions for topics to explore.

Plain Language: Best Practices for Individuals and Organizations

To continue with our theme from the recent MCPS editorial summit, Plain Language: Clear Communications With Our Community,  here are the recent findings of a research group, Neilsen Norman Group, a company that specializes in evidence-based user experience research, training, and consulting.

The author, Hoa Loranger, finds that professionals want clear, concise information, devoid of unnecessary jargon or complex terms. She reminds us that the primary goals of communication is to convey information in a clear, straightforward manner. Studies show that readers crave succinct information that is easy to scan (both online and in print) and it even makes the writer look smarter.

Read the article here: Plain Language is for Everyone, Even Experts  

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