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Editorial Help Desk:
Your Resource for Grammar and MCPS Style

Word of the Month

Can you find another word (synonym) for challenge (noun). Synonyms help us get a better meaning of a word and helps us determine if the word is a good fit for the purpose of our document. Give it a try. See answer at bottom of the page.

D_ _ _ i _ _ _ _ y


Tip of the Month

A Challenge for the New Year

We start off the year with a little challenge. The challenge is to rewrite the announcement below in plain language. Make the message more clear and simple; emphasize the most important information to get the response you want. 

This exercise is taken from the MCPS Editorial Summit (held last November), designed and presented by Caleb Young, copyeditor in the Office of Chief Academic Officer. This is good practice for effective writing.

Those who send me the most effective responses will receive a flash drive from the Editorial Help Desk. Give it a try.

Announcing this year's annual schoolwide book fair for all grades, K through 5, which will be taking place in the school's multi-purpose room during recess, lunch, and immediately following dismissal, including extended hours. The duration of this event is one week, in which students are encouraged to bring their favorite reading interests along with money to purchase from a wide selection of stuff including novelty items provided by our book vendor that is guaranteed to reinforce your child's literary learning.


Contact Donna M. Marks on Outlook or call 301-517-8139.


The answer is Difficulty.

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