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Editorial Help Desk:
Your Resource for Grammar and MCPS Style

Word of the Month

Riant (adj.)
happy, gay, merry.

The students were riant after receiving their diplomas on graduation day.


Tip of the Month

Lie or Lay: A Quick Refresher

Do you find, like me, that you often have to check your references to make sure you're using the right word? Well here's another look at the difference between lie and lay, adapted from Woe Is I, by Patricia T. O'Conner. Use these examples to test your own work.

Lie (to recline): She lies still. Last night, she lay still. For years, she has lain still.

Lie (to tell a lie): He lies. Yesterday he lied. He has lied frequently over the past year.

Lay (to put something down): She lay it on the desk. Yesterday, she laid it on the desk. She has laid it on the desk many times.

(When lay means "to place," it is always followed by on object (i.e., the thing being placed.)


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