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Montgomery County Public Schools will open two hours late on Thursday, March 22, 2018, due to emergency weather conditions. Bus service will be provided on a two-hour-delayed schedule. Morning prekindergarten, morning half-day Head Start, other morning half-day programs and field trips are canceled. Other activities and programs that begin at 10:50 a.m. or earlier are canceled. Administrative offices will open on time. Day care programs in school buildings may remain open as scheduled.

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Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Montgomery (MCPS) abrirán dos horas más tarde el jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018 debido a las condiciones del tiempo. El servicio de autobús escolar será provisto con dos horas de retraso. Los programas de prekindergarten, los programas de Head Start en la mañana, otros programas de medio día durante horas de la mañana y excursiones escolares quedan canceladas. Actividades y programas que comienzan a las 10:50 a.m. o antes quedan canceladas. Las oficinas administrativas abrirán en horario regular. Los programas de cuidado infantil en los edificios escolares podrán abrir en horario regular.

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Our Work

Our Work - MCPS Title 1The Division of Title I Programs (DTP) implements Title I mandates of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 especially as it relates to:

School Improvement

Title I schools receive technical assistance from DTP and Title I instructional specialists to help staff implement a focused school improvement plan linked to a research-based instructional program and increase student achievement so that schools achieve annual measurable objectives.

DTP works with schools to plan and implement a comprehensive school improvement process. Our team

  • Continues comprehensive school improvement efforts in the Title I schools by providing training support for school leadership teams by Title I instructional specialists
  • Supports and monitors the implementation of programs in conjunction with administrators and leadership teams using federal and state guidelines for comprehensive school improvement
  • Participates in the development of the school improvement plans, identification of program resources, and on-going monitoring of School Improvement Plans
  • Plans and conducts staff development that is linked to school improvement efforts in collaboration with administrators, school leadership teams, and other MCPS offices

Data Analysis

All Title I schools can request assistance from the instructional specialist in analyzing their formative and summative assessment data. The goal is to help schools use data as the basis for identifying areas of need when making instructional decisions. Schools focus on using the monitoring tools developed as a part of the school improvement process.

DTP assists school personnel in assessment, data collection, and analysis of formal and informal data for use in targeting and monitoring the effectiveness of academic interventions. Members of the team:

  • Implement comprehensive extended day and year programs in Title I schools
  • Assist administrators and leadership teams with the analysis of data for use in strategic planning and for use in staff and community presentations
  • Meet with teachers to analyze formal and informal data to facilitate appropriate instructional planning matched to the needs of students
  • Assist administrators and school leadership teams with the analysis of formative and summative assessment data to increase student achievement


All students receive instruction based on the approved MCPS curriculum.  To assist schools in meeting state standards, additional resources are provided for schools to fund supplemental paraprofessional and professional positions, purchase instructional materials, coordinate professional development, or suport schoolwide initiatives to support the instructional program.  All Title I schools receive sustained assistance from the Title I instructional specialist, including staff training and planning with school leadership teams.

DTP supports schools in the design and delivery of research-based instructional practices by

  • Supporting the implementation of the MCPS curriculum
  • Providing targeted coaching for identified professional and support staff
  • Assisting with the coordination and implementation of grade level and vertical team curriculum meetings
  • Implementing procedures and monitor the process of the comprehensive model for Title I services

Family Involvement

The ESSA mandates parent involvement at the school level as a part of the Title I program.  Each school receives funds to support a consistent comprehensive parent involvement program. The Title I instructional specialists assist in the development and implementation of the required parent involvement plan and programs.

DTP collaborates in the development of personalized family involvement polices designed to support individual student achievement by

  • Assisting with the development of the Parent Involvement Policy which includes the School-Parent Compact
  • Conducting mandated family information meetings regarding Title I services and supports
  • Planning for and conduct family training sessions linked to the instructional program aligned to the school-parent compact
  • Assisting with the development of plans for the expenditure of family involvement funds and monitor activities in compliance with Title I guidelines
  • Monitoring family involvement accounts

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