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Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budget Submission Guide

The process for preparing the FY 2018 Operating Budget is beginning.

Detailed information and directions for preparing each part of the budget submission are provided in the Full Operating Budget Guide pdf.

FY 2018 Budget Submission Instructions

FY 2018 Budget Submissions Should Include the Following Documents:

  • Program Mission Summary (PMS)
  • Budget Resource Workbook -
    • Budget Resource Worksheet,
    • Lease/Purchase, and Enterprise Forms (if applicable)
  • Budget Submission Explanation Form (New for FY 2018)
  • Summary Description of Objects Form (New for FY 2018)
  • Organizational Charts


A Operating Budget Calendar excel

B Sample PMS

C Style/Format Guide for PMS word

D Budget Resource Worksheet Instructions excel

E Budget Resource Worksheet excel

F Lease/Purchase Schedule

G Enterprise/Special Fund Revenue Worksheet

H Rates excel

I Salary Tables

J Budget Submission Explanation Form word

K Summary Description of Objects excel

L Budget Resource Summary Page

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