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Minority Student Scholarships for Asian Students

Table Key:

Criteria Categories - Types of criteria used in making scholarship awards

  • GPA - grade point average
  • SAT/ACT - SAT or ACT test scores
  • Major/Career - specific majors or careers targeted
  • Leadership - leadership in school or community organizations
  • Comm. Serv. - community service
  • Other - other scholarship specific criteria

Deadline - The month in which the scholarship deadline falls

Amount - The usual amount of the scholarship


Scholarship Criteria Deadline Amount
McDonald's Asian Pacific American Scholarship Community Service, Leadership, Other January $1,000 minimum
McDonald's HACER Scholarship  Leadership, Community Service, Other January $1,000 minimum
Asian American Journalists Association  Other Early Spring $1,500  
Asian American Education Association (MCPS)- Applications in College and Career Center Other April $1,000
MD Vietnamese Mutual Assn  GPA, Other April $1,000
NISEI Student Relocation Commemorative Fund, Inc. Scholarships for seniors of Southeast Asian ancestry (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam). See College/Career Center for application March $2,000

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