Coordinator - Mrs. Audrey Boettcher 301-840-4589

An off-site internship can be an extremely rewarding academic experience. It allows seniors to step beyond the classroom and apply concepts and ideas learned while acquiring real world hands-on experience in a field they are interested in pursuing.  It allows seniors to explore and consider different possible majors in college or potential professional interests while working in a professional environment.  Interns will develop responsible and productive work habits while becoming aware of what opportunities exist in the career field and what educational background is necessary to pursue this career.  Internships can also be a great way to help develop or improve skills, build a resume, and network for the future.

Sponsor Information:

Are you interested in having a student intern?  Please contact Mrs. Boettcher with details about your profession, workplace, and expectations for an intern including job responsibilities, attire, and necessary skills.  Sponsors are required to sit down with interns prior to the first day to develop a work plan (includes items the student will be doing, expectations, and procedures for signing in, coming late, being absent).  Sponsors must also sign-off on weekly time sheets and complete quarterly evaluations on student interns.  It is expected that sponsors provide daily supervision or designate someone to do so while helping the student explore their career field.

Student Information:

Questions to ask yourself before becoming an off-site intern (and some answers):

  • How many periods a day can I devote to an internship?      
    • 3 period and 2 period internships can be arranged (there are off-site 1 period internships, but they require extra approval)
  • What extracurricular activities might conflict or interfere with my internship obligation?
    • Clubs, Sports, Drama Department, Musical Activities
    • Outside Job
    • Volunteer Work
  • Can I maintain an excellent attendance record at the workplace?
    • Daily attendance is required, just like a normal class.  Any day that MCPS classes are held, you are expected to attend and your attendance will be marked within the MCPS Attendance System and at your workplace.
  • Can I provide my own transportation to and from the internship site?
  • Am I willing to work hard and learn new things?
  • Can I maintain communication with the intern coordinator and my sponsor without daily reminders?
  • Am I self-disciplined enough to meet project deadlines, complete paperwork, follow procedures for signing out, and attend scheduled meetings without constant reminders?
  • Do I have excellent time management skills and am I capable of multitasking?

Required Hours:

The student must complete the required hours set forth by MCPS. Currently that works out to about 5 hours per week or 75 hours per semester (per period registered - 3 period internships = 225 hours per semester, 2 period internships = 150 hours per semester).  You are required to put in the time for your internship, this may mean that you need to stay at your internship past 2:30 pm to get the required number of hours.

Grading Policy:

Internships are graded according to MCPS policy.

Well-written weekly reflections

Formative:  30%

Completion of required hours as well as

Mid-Quarter and End-of-Quarter Evaluations from the Sponsor

Summative:  70%

Turning in weekly logs on time every Monday.

Homework:  10%


How to Apply:

See Mrs. Boettcher in room 130 at an appropriate time for an application packet.  Completed application packets must include the following and should be returned to Mrs. Boettcher as soon as possible.  Students should sign-up for a full schedule but inform counselors that they are trying to get an internship, so that classes can be appropriately scheduled.  Once a completed packet has been turned in and approved, Mrs. Boettcher will notify your counselor to change your schedule.