Staff List  

Ms. Yeck (Resource)
  AP Chemistry,
Mrs. Bewernitz
  Honors Biology,     
Mr. Boettcher
  Honors Physics, AP Physics  
Mr. Dethlefsen
  Environmental Sustainability,
  Honors Chemistry
Dr. Etzwiler
 Honors Chemistry,
Ms. Haase 
  AP Environmental Science,
Ms. Hollies
  AP Physics, Honors Physics, Astronomy
Ms. Jacobs
  Anatomy and Physiology,
  Honors Biology 

Ms. Kempf
  AP Chemistry
Mr. Lanham
  Honors Biology
Mr. Majkrzak
  AP Biology,
Ms. Miller
  Honors Biology, Forensics 

Ms. Pankova
  Honors Biology
Ms. Pintar
  Honors Chemistry, Astronomy
Mr. Schweizer
Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry
Ms. Short
  AP Biology,
  Honors Biology
Dr. Truman
  Honors Chemistry  
Mr. Wuu
  AP Physics

Online Resources

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