Health Room

The following staff members proudly represent the health room at QO:

Phone: 240-740-3602

Services Available:

Health assessments, crisis intervention, health counseling, communicable disease prevention and control, health education/promotion, case management of students with serious medical conditions, first aid, administration of medications and medically prescribed treatments, and emergency care.
Applications are available for students needing health insurance through the state, for families that meet financial guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child needs medication during the school day?

If your child needs medication, the following procedure must be followed:
Contact the health room for the appropriate form. This form must be completed and signed by both the parent and the physician. The form must be completed for both prescription and non-prescription medication. Medication must be brought to school by a parent or guardian. If the health room is closed, the medication may be given to Mrs. Panarella in the main office. All prescription medication must be properly labeled by a pharmacist and match the doctor's written authorization on the form. All over-the-counter medication must be in the original container with the safety seal intact.

What if my child has asthma? Can he/ she bring an inhaler to school?

Students with asthma may carry their inhalers and use them during the school day, as needed. However, health room staff should be notified if the parent or guardian plans to do this so we can notify teachers.

What are the health room hours?

The health room is open from 7:15 am until 2:10 pm. The health room closes daily during 7th period. Students should report to the office in the event of a serious problem or emergency, if the health room is closed.

What is the procedure if my child is ill?

A student needing health room care should request a pass from his/ her teacher and report to the health room. The student will be assessed, and in the event the student needs to go home, a parent or person listed on the yellow card will be notified and permission is obtained for the student to leave. The student will sign out through the attendance office and may meet the parent outside or drive home, but only if the parent gives verbal permission for this. It is very important that all students complete and turn in yellow cards at the beginning of the school year, and any time there is a change in the phone number. In the event of an emergency, it is critical that the health room staff has a way to reach a parent or guardian.

My child is trying out for a sport. Can I get a copy of his/her's last physical exam?

Yes, students may stop by during lunch or after school to obtain a copy of their most recent exam. Please note, the exam is only good for one year.