Social Studies

AP US History Information:

Is your child ready as a 9th grader to take AP US History (APUSH)?  See the practice test from the College Board and the example of an essay response from the exam to help determine if your student is ready for APUSH!  Questions, please contact Ms. Kimbrough-Groves ( ).

This document is a great resource to find more information about our each of our core AP classes and the Justice, Law, and Society (JLS) pathway and AP Signature program.

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Staff List

Ms. Kimbrough-Groves
Resource Teacher
Ms. Bru 
Ms. Burdette
AP Psychology & Women's Studies
Ms. Cusimano
NSL & US History
Mr. Damavandi 
World History, Ancient Civilizations, & Medieval Europe
Ms. Farrow
AP World History & World History
Mr. Fuller
AP US History, US History, &
AP Human Geography  
Ms. Jones
AP NSL, AP Comparative Government, & Intro to JLS
Ms. Keune
AP Psychology & QUEST
Ms. Lyons
US History
Mr. Mack
US History & World History
Mr. Marsden     
Honors Modern World & Personal Finance
Mr. Pelkey
World History & Sociology
Mr. Ramos
US History & AP Government
Mr. Schuman
AP NSL & Personal Finance
Ms. Tamburello
NSL & AP US History
Mr. Woodly
NSL & US History
Ms. Yang
AP Micro/Macro Economics & US History