Contact the Registrar - Ms. Kristin Barnes240-740-3612

About Our Registrar

The Registrar's Office maintains all records for current Quince Orchard students and keeps on file records of withdrawn students for a period of 5 years. After 5 years the files are at MCPS Central Records Office and can be requested by calling 301-320-7301. For your information, the Central Records Office located at 7210 Hidden Creek Road, Bethesda, MD 20817.

The Registrar's Office processes college applications for current seniors before school, during lunch and after school. Early in the fall, the seniors receive a copy of the Senior Packet which outlines the college application process and provides necessary forms. (Senior Packet may be found on the QOHS website.) Fifteen school days are needed to process an application to ensure that it meets the college's deadline.

Along with your college application, our school profile is sent.

Application Deadlines and Closed Dates

To ensure that your college application materials are postmarked to meet deadlines, the following are the QOHS Registrar Deadlines, please make sure your paperwork is in before these dates.  To process all of the paperwork, the Registrar's Office will also be closed on those dates listed below and they will not accept late paperwork.

Application Deadlines          
September 22nd for October 15th     
October 11th for November 1st     
October 25th for November 15th    
November 3rd for December 1st    
November 17th for December 15th    
December 4th for January 1st    
December 18th for January 15th    
January 11th for February 1st    
January 25th February 15th    
February 8th for March 1st    
February 22nd for March 17th    

Mid-Year Transcript Requests

The mid-year transcript request forms will be available to students February 8th. The transcripts will be ready to be sent on the same day. There is no final date for the midyear requests, but students should know that it is a good idea to send a midyear transcript. Any senior who wants mid-year reports sent will need to:

  • Complete the Mid Year Transcript Request Form available in the registrar’s office to indicate the names of the colleges that the Mid Year Report should be sent to.
  • Use “Family Connections” to give the registrar’s office access to send the transcript electronically, this is a must for all seniors.
  • NOTE: If your college will only accept the hard copy of the transcript, you will need to give the registrar an envelope(s) addressed to the College with a first class stamp on the envelope(s).

Final Transcript Request

If you need a final transcript sent to your college of university, please:

  • Pick-up a form from the Registrar's Office starting after May 1st before school, during lunch, or after school.
  • Complete and submit the Final Transcript Request form before May 24th to the Registrar's Office before school, during lunch, or after school. Requests not received by May 24th will not be fulfilled and no final transcript will be sent.
  • With your final transcript requests each student must turn in a white envelope addressed with one stamp to the school they are attending along with $1.  Final transcripts will be sent digitally and through the mail to ensure that every school receives the information.
  • Use “Family Connections” to give the registrar access to send the transcript. 
  • After you have completed the above steps:
    • The transcript will be sent electronically unless your college will only accept the hard copy of the transcript. 
    • If your college will only accept the hard copy of the transcript, you will need to give the registrar an envelope addressed to the college with a first class stamp on the envelope.

Your final transcript will be available in mid-July.  It will be sent shortly after they become available.