Physical Education

Mission: Physical Education at QO is about developing each individual to achieve their potential. We provide a broad range of opportunities for all of our students to fully realize their physical skills and abilities. We allow our students to build their understanding and experience of teamwork, leadership skills and broader social skills as well. Furthermore, we aim to foster a love of sport that will allow our students to continue to participate long after they leave school.

Staff List and Contact

Female PE Office 301-840-4582
Ms. Aranda  Teacher Resource
Ms. Blanken Classroom Teacher
Ms. Rill    Classroom Teacher
Ms. Soule  Classroom Teacher (Health Ed.)
Ms. Vincenty Classroom Teacher
Male PE Office 301-840-4581
Mr. Changuris  Classroom Teacher  
Mr. Gasaway  Classroom Teacher
Mr. Heiney-Gonzalez  Classroom Teacher  
Mr. Kowalick  Classroom Teacher


9th grade students complete one semester of General Physical Education and then can choose a specialty class or Concentrated Physical Education for the other semester. General Physical Education is an introduction to the high school physical education curriculum. This course offers a variety of individual, team and personal development activities. Students are guided in identifying and improving their fitness levels through the development and use of personalized fitness plans. This class also focuses on basic skills in a variety of sport units.  


This course includes instruction in two or three activity units during a semester. Students may select from a variety of interest areas. Emphasis is on fitness as well as intermediate and advanced skill techniques in selected sports and activities. 


This course includes instruction in one or two selected activities during a semester. Improving individual fitness levels is also emphasized in this course. Skill work progresses from beginning to advanced with the emphasis being on intermediate to advanced level skills. 

All students should have a change of clothing which includes shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, and most importantly proper athletic shoes.


Archery Golf Table Tennis
Badminton Lacrosse Team Handball
Basketball Outdoor Games Tennis
Bowling Pickle Ball Track
Cricket Soccer Ultimate Frisbee
Field Hockey Softball Volleyball
Flag Football Speedball Weight Training
Floor Hockey Street Hockey  


Adapted PE Net Sports
Aerobics Soccer
Basketball I & II Volleyball
Dance I & II Weight Training I & II

(Students must successfully complete General
Physical Education before taking a Specialty class.
Students must successfully complete I before
taking II. I would be an introduction class and
II would be an advanced class.)