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Northwood Academy Programs

Montgomery College Middle College at Northwood

This program uses a bold approach based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money, is a powerful motivator for students to work hard and meet serious intellectual challenges. Middle college high schools blend high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, compressing the time it takes to complete a high school diploma and the first two years of college. The primary goal of the program is to make college a viable reality for all Northwood students. Montgomery College Middle College at Northwood gives our students the opportunity to earn a Maryland High School Diploma and college credits towards a General Studies Associate's degree with a choice of three core concentrations: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); Humanities, Arts, Communication, and Language (HACL); Social Science, Administration, and Health; or an integrated combination of two cores. This Montgomery College is transferable to a 4-year college within the University of Maryland System.

Technology, Environmental, and System Sciences (TESS)

This academy explores concepts in Engineering/ Computer Science/Technology and Environmental Sciences. Students who choose to join this academy select a pathway in either Technology/Engineering/Computer Science or in Environmental Sciences. All pathways address the diverse nature of each field by offering students opportunities to expand their vision and develop their abilities while choosing courses that most interest them. The Technology/Engineering/Computer Science Pathway gives students a strong background in engineering, computer programming, robotics, mathematics and physical sciences. This pathway provides opportunities for participating in hacking competitions, coding competitions, internships, and field trips. The Environmental Science Pathway gives students a strong background in both natural and physical sciences, as well as environmental concerns. This pathway also provides opportunities for field studies, internships, field trips, and exposure to guest speakers working in the profession.

Humanities, Arts, and Media (HAM)

This academy supports students in their growth as effective communicators and creative artists. Students engage in rigorous academic studies of literature, history, visual art, social sciences, world languages, culture, media, and creative writing. The academy experience culminates with a capstone project that gives each student the opportunity to select a Humanities, Art, or Media topic that will be explored in greater depth, implemented into the school community, and presented as a final project to faculty and students. The Communications Pathway allows students to examine manners in which people connect with each other and convey their ideas to various audiences. The students in this pathway produce publications and presentations that creatively engage with the many voices of the school community. Through the use of speech, media, artwork, design, and written language, students study methods of effective communication. The Visual Arts Pathway provides students with an opportunity to explore art as a viable industry, develop their artistic voice, creativity, and technical abilities. Students receive a wealth of real world experiences as well as explore various mediums from photography, sculpture/ceramics, and studio drawing/painting to digital art, and fashion illustration. Students gain an understanding of art as history, commercialism, and its contemporary use within our society. 

Politics, Advocacy, and Law (PAL)

This academy enables students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the three branches of government, law enforcement, and civil rights. Students who choose to join this academy select a pathway in either traditional legal studies or Homeland Security. The Legal Studies pathway gives students a strong background in Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law. Students learn how to research, write, and argue cases in all levels of the judicial system. Students have the opportunity to work with members of the Montgomery County Bar Association as well as state and local representatives. The Homeland Security Pathway is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers or further studies in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Students pursuing this path will learn methodologies of intelligence gathering and communication, interdependency structures between local, federal and international law enforcement, along with many other practical specialized content. Students who complete this pathway will be given the opportunity to explore leadership opportunities and will also be armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume entry-level jobs in this career field. 

The Academy of Music, Theater and Dance (AMTAD) 

This academy is geared toward students interested in pursuing college and professional careers in the areas of theater, dance, vocal music, and instrumental music. In either solo or group performances, students will produce, act, and perform in a variety of onstage productions. Coursework within the academy is designed to develop the student through the dance and performing arts pathways with focus on technical production, vocal and instrumental music, dance, and dramatics. Students in all academy strands will be integrally involved in all aspects of production, giving students a solid foundation for advanced preparation within the field. The Dance Pathway gives students a strong background in multiple dance styles such as Jazz, Modern, and Ballet. This pathway also provides opportunities for master classes, field trips and choreographic development. The Performing Arts Pathway gives students a strong background in multiple disciplines. Students in this pathway have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in the performing arts field, such as band, chorus, dance and theatre. Students also have the opportunity to focus solely on one discipline. 

The Academy of Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Education (FAME)

This academy is geared towards preparing students for advance studies or entry level jobs in career related fields. Students in this academy will be given the opportunity to explore different careers and education pathways, while earning industry/professional certification. Students will also complete Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certified pathway courses, some of which are eligible for college credit. All pathways in the academy include a capstone experience such as an internship or a college course. The Business and Marketing pathway provides opportunities for students to sample the functional operations of any business, such as accounting, organization, personnel management, marketing, and social responsibility. The Early Child Development Pathway provides the student with an introduction to methods and materials to assist young children in the learning process. This pathway includes hands-on work with 4-5 year old children while running and organizing a Preschool Lab. The Site Based Work Experience Pathway blends academic, technical and 21st century workplace skills to prepare students for entry level jobs and/or college. All students are exposed to job shadowing, professional conferences, college fairs and networking opportunities with industry experts.