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What to Expect: MCPS Virtual Academy

What to Expect: MCPS Virtual Academy

For the school year, the MCPS virtual program will serve students from First Grade through Grade 12 and will use a blended instructional model that will follow the 180-day, approved MCPS academic calendar year. A blended instructional model will include both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) instruction. This means that students will participate in a combination of learning experiences—some instructional time will be teacher-led with the whole class at the same time and some will be dedicated to independent learning. 

The primary focus of the MVA is to foster a safe, inclusive online learning environment that meets the individual needs of all students in an academic setting where staff know their students' interests, and want to see them excel as learners. The program includes the following highlights:

  • Traditional general education course offerings
  • Accelerated and honors courses
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Engagement, support, quality content, and live instructional experiences where students can take advantage of expanded learning opportunities and experiences
  • Additionally, the MVA provides a unique opportunity for working high school students, those pursuing other out of school options, and those who want to take accelerated and advanced courses that may not be available in their home school.

Students will follow a specially designed bell schedule that adheres to COMAR regulations and supports online synchronous instruction. Live classes will occur daily, Monday through Friday, and the courses will align closely to the start and end times of in-person schools. Start and end times may be adjusted to accommodate the different levels of schooling and will maintain the same number of hours as the regular school programs. The daily schedule will be customized by level to include support and check-in periods to allow students the extra time and support from their classroom teachers on their academic needs. Student Service Learning (SSL) hours will be logged and documented as part of the student record, and the Virtual Academy will promote and embed opportunities for students to complete this requirement. For students that require a digital learning opportunity due to physical or emotional conditions that prevent them from accessing instruction at their school of enrollment, MCPS has the Interim Instructional Services.

Additionally MCPS offers the Online Pathways to Graduation programs, for students needing to access required graduation coursework.

For more information on these programs, please visit: