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Edline is a Web-based tool that provides middle and high school students and their parents with regular updates on classroom performance. In addition to grades, parents and students also can see which assignments are due and which ones still need to be completed. The system can be accessed via the Internet 24 hours a day. By using a passcode, only you and your child have access to your child's information. For more information about Edline and parent and student accounts, please contact your school or use the Edline tutorial online.

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Report Cards

Elementary School

Parent Guide Video - ES Report Cards watch buttonKindergarten report cards are issued twice a year; the mid-year report card is sent home with students and the final report card is mailed home in June. Grades 1-12 report cards are issued four times a year at the end of each marking period, or every nine weeks. Report cards for the first three periods are given to each student at school to be brought home to their parents. The final report card is mailed home in June.

Middle and High School

In addition to report cards, middle and high schools send home interim reports ("interims") between the fourth and sixth weeks of each marking period. Interims are generated for all secondary students. For parents with active Edline accounts, interim reports will be available on Edline; no hardcopy will be mailed. All parents without Edline accounts will continue to receive a paper copy sent via U.S. Mail.

Monitoring performance in Middle School 

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Monitoring performance in High School 

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Extra Academic Support

If your child is struggling and needs additional academic support, you should first talk with your child's teacher. He/she may be able to make arrangements to provide extra help or direct you to the program that would best meet your child's needs. Most "extra help" is provided in small groups to give students more individualized attention. These programs vary from school to school and may be offered before, during, or after the school day. In addition to what local schools offer, there are a variety of countywide programs. Some of these programs serve students at all levels, such as the George B. Thomas Learning Academy Saturday School, while others are specific to elementary, middle, or high school students. For additional information, contact your child's school.


Getting Extra Help in Elementary School  Getting Extra Help in Middle School   Getting Extra Help in High School 
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Parent–Teacher Conferences 

During this 15-20 minute conference, teachers share information about your child's academic progress. These conferences are handled differently at each grade level.

  • Elementary schoolConferences are held in November at the end of the first marking period.
  • Middle schoolConferences are scheduled in ways that best meet the needs of the school's parents. For example, some schools hold "arena-style conferences," where teachers are stationed at tables in a large room, such as the cafeteria or gym, and no appointments are necessary.
  • High schoolParent-teacher conferences are usually by request.

No matter what grade your child is in, if you have a concern or question about his or her performance, you may want to schedule a parent-teacher conference. You can make an appointment by contacting the teacher directly or the school counselor if more than one teacher is involved. If interpretation services will be needed, contact the school at least one week ahead of the meeting to request an interpreter.

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When You Have a Concern...

Parent Guide Video: Communicating Dispute Resolution watch buttonTeachers, administrators, and school staff work collaboratively with parents to resolve concerns about their child's education or school experience. However, if problems or concerns continue after efforts have been made, parents may contact the Office of School Performance to speak with the community superintendent who has supervision over your school cluster. In addition, the Ombudsman, who is appointed by the Montgomery County Board of Education, is available as an independent or neutral party to help resolve school-related problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Tests and Assessments

Students take a number of tests to assess their performance and help teachers plan instruction. Most tests require that students complete the test in a specific time period. Students receiving special education or ESOL services, and students with a 504 plan, may have testing accommodations. The tests on the site below are the standardized tests that students take in different grades. In addition to these tests, teachers also assess student performance throughout the semester to monitor progress and adjust instruction when necessary.

Testing & Assessments in Elementary School   Testing & Assessments in Middle School   Testing & Assessments in High School  
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