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Inquiries and Concerns

General Information and Questions About School System Policies & Procedures

Parents and other residents who have inquiries about the school system's policies and procedures, or who need other general information, may contact the Department of Communications
Department of Communications: 301-279-3391

Questions About Specific Programs at a Local School

Questions about specific programs at a local school should be directed to the principal.
Listing of Montgomery County Schools

Informal and formal complaint processes:
Responding to Inquiries and Complaints from the Public


An ombudsman is available to assist residents with procedural questions and to facilitate formal complaints or inquiries. Procedures and forms exist for appealing administrative decisions made by school officials.
Ombudsman: 301-279-3617

School System News

You can get school school system in several ways.
Montgomery County Public Schools home page
emergency information page
Recorded school system news: 301-279-3673.

E-mailing Board Members

All e-mail messages will be automatically copied to all Board members. Please do not send private correspondence meant for individual Board members to this address.
Board of Education e-mail:

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