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April 22 Shifts to Asynchronous Learning Day for All Students


Monday, April 22 is now an asynchronous learning day and will be used as a make-up instructional day for students. Students will be sent home with assignments to complete independently.

Asynchronous learning describes educational activities and assignments that engage students in learning without live instruction or use of technology. Students must complete assignments to count towards their attendance for the day. Additional time for students to complete assignments will be granted for any challenges or unforeseen circumstances.

Schools will share more details about their asynchronous virtual instruction plans with students and families in mid-March, including directions on how to access resources and additional services.

*Please Note: The calendar for the Innovative School Year Calendar schools, Arcola and Roscoe R. Nix elementary schools, does not change for Monday, April 22. It remains a non-instructional day for students and a professional learning day for teaching staff.