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Operating Budget Reductions Update from Interim Superintendent


The following message was sent to families on Tuesday, June 4. It is reprinted below in its entirety.

Dear Families,

As educators at Montgomery County Public Schools, our mission is to foster our students' achievements and to provide lifelong learning experiences for our students. With that mission in mind, each year we strive to prioritize the needs of our school system. 

Today, we are writing to update you on the budget challenges facing MCPS. As shared in a previous message to the community, the final funding amount approved by Montgomery County Council has resulted in an FY 2025 Operating Budget deficit of approximately $30 million. This situation means reducing services to meet the district's operational needs.

As a result, one of the strategies we will implement this coming school year will see a one-student-per-class increase across all grade levels. This decision will result in staffing changes among teachers. On Monday, school principals received their annual staffing report. This report reflects the teacher allocation for their schools for the next school year and includes the reductions based on a one-student-per-class increase. Principals are currently reviewing these reports and working with their central services partners to ensure any reduction in teacher numbers has the least impact on student learning. It is important to know that other school-based services such as counselors, school psychologists, and pupil personnel workers will not be affected by these reductions.

Additionally, budgetary reductions have impacted 21 central services employees, and we continue to review further reductions in contracted services throughout the district to realize any other possible savings. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has one of the smallest central services divisions in the state of Maryland allowing maximum funding to be allocated to school operations and staffing. The Board will take final action on the FY 2025 Operating Budget by June 11. 

We know that staff and families are understandably concerned about these reductions. However, we want to reiterate our commitment to mitigating their impact on student learning. MCPS remains dedicated to providing excellent teaching and learning and does so by maintaining a highly qualified workforce in schools and offices.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support for our children's education. Our collective efforts will ensure the best possible learning environment for our students.

In service to children,

Monique T. Felder Ph.D.

Interim Superintendent of Schools