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Foundation Launches New Child Savings Program at Jackson Road Elementary School


Jackson Road Elementary School became the first school in Maryland to pilot The Greater Washington Community Foundation’s Brilliant Futures program. Brilliant Futures is a children’s savings pilot program that will provide kindergarten students with up to $1,000 each year from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Families of the rising first grade class were surprised with news at the school’s kindergarten promotion ceremony on Monday, June 10. 

Upon graduating high school (or equivalent by age 24), the students will be able to put their savings toward ongoing education and training or to pursue other income- or wealth-generating opportunities, such as buying a home or starting a business

The Community Foundation has partnered with Montgomery County Public Schools and Prince George’s County Public Schools to launch the first two pilot program for all kindergarteners currently enrolled at Jackson Road Elementary School in the White Oak neighborhood of Silver Spring and next year’s kindergartens at Bradbury Heights Elementary School in Capitol Heights.

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The Community Foundation has committed to funding the program for two consecutive kindergarten cohorts at each school. The program is expected to enroll up to 400 students between the two schools. The schools were selected in alignment with The Community Foundation's strategic focus on high opportunity priority neighborhoods across the region where residents are experiencing the deepest disparities in homeownership, income, and life expectancy, according to several data sources. The participant population is 90% Black, Latinx, and Hispanic with all students eligible for free and reduced meal service (FARMS).