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Students Publish Children’s Book About Sister to Spread Awareness About Autism

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Neeyo Ouelega, a sixth grader at Argyle Middle School, along with her sister Seti Ouelega, a junior at Watkins Mill High School and college freshman at Montgomery College have co-authored and self-published a children’s book titled “Marvelous Meghan: Our Big Sister” about their older sister who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four.

The girls along with their family also spend time sharing their experiences and Meghan’s story with fellow classmates and staff at Argyle to help raise awareness during Autism Awareness month. 

“We feel like Autism is still a topic that people don’t really know much about,” said Seti Ouelega. “We felt the most effective way to spread awareness about it is to start with the kids because they are the next generation”. 

The book drives the message that even though people on the Autism spectrum may exhibit behavior and experience life differently, they also just want to be loved and have fun. 

The girls wrote the story in 2020 and were able to publish it in 2023 on Maeghan’s 18th birthday. 

The book is available on Amazon.