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Staff Directory Support

Staff Directory

Basic information for the MCPS Staff Directory comes from the Employee and Retiree Services Center (ERSC) and the Department of Recruitment and Staffing and is updated daily. To ensure that staff listings are correct, each school and office has assigned a directory manager who can make updates. A current list of directory managers can be found on the directory manager section of the Staff Directory.

The Staff Directory page on a school's website in Episerver contains the same information as the main MCPS Staff Directory, and is updated by the school's directory manager. In addition, a school's directory manager may update some information on the School Overview page, such as the address, principal's information, and statement about the school. To find a school's overview page, go to Schools and scroll down to select a school.

Help for Directory Managers

The Directory Manager for a school or office can use the Directory Publisher to ensure staff information is listed correctly and enhance some data, such as adding a preferred name. However, some data can only be changed by ERSC. Data that cannot be changed includes full name and home phone number.

Please Note: Directory Managers for schools must assign new employees to a Department before they will appear in the Staff Directory page on the school's website.

Directory Publisher for Schools

Directory Publisher for Offices

Help for staff members with incorrect listings

Department Listing, Telephone Number or Title is Incorrect

Go to the Staff Directory and click the "Update My Info" link. Enter your requested changes and an email will be sent to the directory manager for your school or office.

First or Last Name, Title, or Home Phone Number is Incorrect

For changes to your first or last name, title (like Mr., Mrs.), or home phone number, you must submit form 445 Adobe PDF icon square to Employee & Retiree Services Center (ERSC). Only ERSC can make that change in the main personnel database. Once ERSC has made the change, the Staff Directory should be updated.

Schools or Offices without a Directory Manager

Your school's principal or office administrator should designate one or two individuals to manage the Staff Directory. The principal or office administrator may email webmaster to request the Directory Publisher account information for their  school or office.