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Webmaster Training

Before taking a training course, please verify which content management system (CMS) the website you will be editing is using. All school and office websites are using Episerver.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Episerver Course

Please Note: We do not recommend using a Chromebook to edit your website because the On-Page Edit feature is not supported by Episerver for Chromebooks.
Intro. to Episerver for Office Webmasters

Log into your MCPS Google account in the Chrome browser and open the Intro. to Episerver for Office Webmasters Course in myMCPS Classroom.

The self-paced course is taken online and consists of seven modules (quizzes are optional). Modules 1-4 cover the basics, while modules 5-7 include more advanced features and are optional.

Intro. to Episerver for School Webmasters

Go to Professional Development Online (PDO), and search for 88547. Then select the course called, "88547, Self-Paced Episerver Web Publishing Course.” After registering, the course title will appear in myMCPS Classroom.

This course can be used to earn 3 hours of clock credit. The course is taken online and consists of four modules with a quiz at the end of the first three modules (quizzes are optional if you don't need clock credit). If you successfully complete all three quizzes, course completion will be automatically transferred back to PDO, giving you credit for completing the course.

Please note that you must log into your MCPS Google account in the Chrome browser before you can access the course in myMCPS Classroom.

Web Services and the Department of Instructional Technology offer webmaster training all year.

Recording of Episerver Webinar for School Webmasters


Instructional Specialists held a virtual Introduction to Episerver course on Zoom on August 5, 2020. A recording of the course is available here.


Upcoming Trainings


Course descriptions are below

Intro. to Episerver Classes

How to Register

Registration is done through the Professional Development Online (PDO) system for all MCPS staff and search for 88550. All classes have the keyword "Episerver" in the title to make it easier to search and find classes and sections. How to register

If you are not an MCPS employee and would like to attend training, email us. We'll get you in touch with the right people.

Date Time Course Title Location
July 18, 2024 9 am - 12 pm Intro. to Episerver for Schools Center for Technology Innovation (CTI)
July 18, 2024 1 - 4 pm Intro. to Episerver for Offices Center for Technology Innovation (CTI)

Course Descriptions

Intro to Episerver

This is a half-day training class for schools and/or webmasters new to using Episerver. Some of the topics for maintaining a site that will be covered in this session include:

  • Best Practices for Web writing
  • MCPS Web regulation, policies and procedures
  • Web design basics and principles
  • Logging into Episerver
  • Editing and formatting text
  • Adding links
  • Publishing and previewing content
  • Working with images and documents (PDFs, Word docs, etc.)
  • Updating calendars
  • Updating news/announcements
  • Creating new pages
  • Updating menus
  • Updating a homepage carousel
  • Creating alert messages

Webmaster Work Sessions

Instructors from the Web Services team will provide hands-on support for webmasters as they work on their web sites using either Tron or Episerver. These sessions are for the MCPS webmaster with enough experience to work independently. These sessions will provide guidance and an opportunity to learn new skills or just a place to work uninterrupted for the day. Participants must have a webmaster account prior to attending the class. Webmasters should bring materials they need and have a project in mind for the sessions.