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Web Services Intern Program

Since the MCPS Web’s beginnings in 1995, student interns have played a major role in the development of the web’s technology, design, and content. They continue to contribute to help us make progress on many projects and to develop their own professional skills.

How to apply

Web Services is always seeking experienced, talented students with strong web design, HTML, and/or web content skills. Excellent attention to detail is also important. We have provided Student Service Learning hours or for-credit internships through the high school’s internship coordinator.

Interested? Email Web Services at webmaster@mcpsmd.org with a brief note and a resume listing urls of sites you’ve created or maintained.

Here’s a list of past interns:

Summer 2019

  • Sophia Fang, web production

Summer 2017

  • Sean Decena, web design

Summer 2016

  • Juliet Carpente, web production

Spring 2016

  • Sasha Novichkova, web design

Fall 2015

  • Sasha Novichkova, web design

Summer 2015

  • Marisa Lu, web design
  • Nicholas Schaap, web design
  • Sunil Tohan, web design and production

Spring 2015

  • Sunil Tohan, web design and production

Fall 2014

  • Emily Yu, web design and production

Summer 2014

  • Carlos Hernandez, web design and production
  • Susan Ngo, web design and production
  • Maureen Wang, web design and production
  • Emily Yu, web design and production

Spring 2014

  • Maureen Wang, web design and production

Fall 2013

  • Akshay Guthal, web production
  • Minh Vo, web production

Summer 2013

  • Pravanthika Alluri, web production
  • Susan Ngo, web design and production
  • Nikhil Pantankar, web production
  • Lily Xu, web design and production

2012-2013 School Year

  • Pravanthika Alluri, web production
  • Jonathan Egeland, programming
  • Rebecca Jahnke, web content

Summer 2012

  • Michelle Helsel, web content
  • Alex Sappington, HTML production
  • Lily Xu, web design and production
  • Carolina Zarate, web content


  • Shabai Liu, HTML production
  • Lily Xu, design and HTML production


  • Eric Ascher, HTML production
  • Victoria Hong, HTML production


  • Kayla Lenhardt, design and HTML production
  • Felicia Girley (MCPS staffer on special assignment), design and HTML production
  • Chester Lam, HTML production


  • Neil Savage, design and HTML production
  • Jennifer Wang, design


  • Erica Grimaldi, design
  • Daniel Hermann, HTML production
  • Brooke Kao, design
  • Patrick Owosu, HTML production
  • Becky Pastuszek, HTML production


  • Ashley Castillo, design and HTML production
  • Stephen Eskin, programming
  • Lucy Li, design and HTML production


  • Stephen Eskin, programming and HTML production
  • Justin Parks, HTML production
  • Phirum Sin, Flash development, graphics and HTML production


  • Sam Oldak, HTML production
  • Brian Stelter, HTML production, editorial assistance
  • Joseph Zheng, HTML production, Flash development, art work


  • Alexa Horvath, HTML production, Flash development
  • Paul Rosenfeld, programming, publishing tools
  • Brian Stelter, HTML production, editorial assistance, site analysis


  • Robert Day, programming, Newsbox Publisher
  • Dorian Delaney, HTML production, 508 accessibility, document conversion
  • Dena Osherovich, HTML production, account management assistance, Digital Vertical File programming


  • Eric Carlson, programming, integrated Web apps, Digital Vertical File, site revision
  • Dena Osherovich, programming, Digital Vertical File, Professional Library site


  • Eric (the Elder) Carlson, programming, Vacancy Database
  • Eric (the Younger) Baer, programming, site utilities


  • Eric Carlson, programming, transition from UNIX to Windows
  • Eric Baer, programming


  • Eric Carlson, programming
  • Nate (the Great) Cook, programming
  • Rob Sherman Frank Wright, Web-enabled first database on MCPS Web