Achievement Series-Students

Welcome to the MCPS Achievement Series Website

Achievement Series (AS) is an exciting technology that is facilitating scoring and reporting of algebra, biology, social studies (NSL), and English 9, 10, and 11 formatives, summatives/end of unit assessments, and final exams. It is implemented in all MCPS middle schools, high schools, and select elementary schools. Many MCPS schools also are using AS to deliver HSA and MSA public release items.

What is Achievement Series?

Achievement Series, an Assessment Tool from Scantron:

  • Enables automated scoring of assessments using paper answer sheets and scanner
  • Provides instant test scoring
  • Produces standards-based reporting for student, class, and district
  • Provides reports that are available from any computer connected to the Internet

The Process: How does Achievement Series work?

  • District/classroom tests/exams are entered in AS.
  • Standards are attached to items (state and MCPS standards).
  • Tests/exams are drafted, published, scheduled in AS.
  • Local schools print answer sheets.
  • Students mark answers on student answer sheets.
  • Teachers score BCR/ECR test items on answer sheets.
  • Staff scan answer sheets at local school.
  • Immediate weighted results/scores and reports can be found at achievement
  • Additional reports with weighted scores are available in myMCPS.