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Special Education

Special Education

Who to Contact with Questions


Administrative review, mediation or due process appeals or to request forms

Supervisor, Resolution & Compliance Unit



Autism Unit

Mrs. Kris Secan, Supervisor



Child Find/Early Childhood Disabilities Unit and Montgomery County Infants/Toddlers Program

Mrs. Faith K. Fischel, Supervisor



Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH)

Dr. Susan P. Russell, Supervisor



Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction Twice Exceptional Students and Services

Mrs. Sarah P. Jackson, Instructional Specialist



Division of Prekindergarten, Special Programs and Related Services

Mrs. Amy Cropp, Director



Extended School Year Services

Mrs. Anna E. Szilagyi-Weichbrod, Instructional Specialist



Extensions, Learning for Independence (LFI), and School Community Based (SCB) Programs

Ms. Anne Marie Tagliaferri, Supervisor



High Incidence Accessible Technology Team (HIAT)

Mrs. Linda B. Wilson, Instructional Specialist



IEP meetings at the central level and nonpublic school programs

Ms. Joanne C. Hoffman



InterACT Team

Ms. Marilyn K. Jacobs, Instructional Specialist



Physical Disabilities

Mr. William McGrath, Supervisor



Preschool Education Program (PEP)

Ms. Mary Rose Catena, Coordinator



Social Emotional Special Education Services

Dr. Sandi B. Ives, Supervisor



Speech and Language Services

Mrs. Shelley A. McAuliffe, Supervisor



Transition Services Unit

Ms. Patricia K. Cochrane, Supervisor



Visual Impairments

Dr. Susan P. Russell, Supervisor



Who do I talk to if I think my child may have a disability?

If you suspect your child may have a disability you will want to meet with your child’s teachers, school counselor, and the building administrators (if appropriate).

You may also make a formal referral to an IEP team for the school to determine your child’s eligibility for special education services. Your referral should be in writing and may be directed to the school principal.

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Who do I talk to if my child is not receiving the services outlined in his or her Individualized Education Program?

Concerns about the implementation of your child’s IEP should first be discussed at the school level with your child’s case manager, related services providers, teachers, or the building administrator.

If you are unable to resolve your concerns at the school level, you may contact the special education area supervisor assigned to your school or, finally, you may contact the Resolution and Compliance Unit to request formal dispute resolution processes.

Area supervisors are listed in the Special Education Contact List

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Who can I talk to if I have questions that cannot be answered by the school?

If you are unable to resolve your concerns at the school level, you may contact:

  • the area supervisor assigned to your school;
  • specific program supervisors (speech and language, occupational and physical therapy, autism, emotional disabilities, assistive technology, DHOH/vision; prekindergarten, transition);
  • the Resolution and Compliance Unit can be contacted to request support, including formal processes to resolve disagreements if you are unsuccessful in resolving concerns or if you have further questions.

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Who do I contact about a specific program or service?

Please refer to the Special Education Contact list

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How do I contact an Area Supervisor?

Contact an Area Supervisor

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What services can my child receive if they are not enrolled in a MCPS school?

Students found eligible for special education services, and who are residents of Montgomery County, will be provided with either an IEP or a Services Plan (SP) depending on parental intent as to their child’s future plans. Resident students who attend a school in Montgomery County and found eligible for services, whose parents plan to have their child continue to attend a private or religious school, will receive a SP that is developed at an IEP team meeting. Eligible resident students, whose parents are exploring the possibility of attending an MCPS program or are uncertain about future plans, will be provided a full IEP. Either the SP or the IEP will be updated annually.

Students who attend a private or religious school in Montgomery County who are found eligible for special education services, but are not residents of Montgomery County, will have a SP developed by the IEP team. The SP will be updated annually. A nonresident parent, who wishes to obtain an IEP for their child would need to return to their county of residence.

Eligible school-aged students attending private or religious schools located in Montgomery County and those home-schooled may be provided speech and language services and/or special education resource services, as required by the SP. Eligible preschool students may receive speech and language therapy services. These services may be consultative or direct. The SP will indicate the frequency and type of service being recommended.

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Who should I contact if my child is moving into a MCPS school from another state or county?

Using School Assignment Locator on the MCPS Website, identify the school assigned to the home address. Enroll the student at the school and present the most current IEP. The school team will schedule an intake conference with the parent as soon as possible to determine if the home school can provide a FAPE to the student; determine what services can be immediately provided to the student; and schedule an IEP team meeting.

If it appears that the student’s IEP services are more intensive than those available at the home school, the cluster special education supervisor will be contacted immediately. In cases where it is determined that the student requires services that cannot be provided in a comprehensive school setting, a Central IEP team meeting must be expedited.

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Contact an Area Supervisor for Information on:

Home School Model, Learning and Academic Disabilities, Elementary Learning Centers, Learning For Independence, School/Community-based Program

Areas Contact Phone Number
Albert Einstein HS, DCC
Newport Mill MS: Highland, Oakland Terrace, Rock View
Sligo MS: Glen Haven, Flora Singer, Woodlin

Northwood HS, DCC
Silver Spring International MS: Forest Knolls, Highland View, Rolling Terrace, Sligo Creek ES

Montgomery Blair HS, DCC
Eastern MS: Montgomery Knolls, New Hampshire Estates, Oak View, Pine Crest
Takoma Park MS: East Silver Spring, Piney Branch, Takoma Park ES

Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
Silver Creek MS: Chevy Chase, North Chevy Chase,
Rock Creek Forest, Rosemary Hills
Westland MS: Bethesda, Somerset, Westbrook
Dr. Cynthia M. Webb (Supervisor)
Ms. Susan B. Ryan (Instructional Specialist)

Springbrook HS, NEC
Key MS: Burnt Mills, Cannon Road, Cresthaven, Drew, Nix
White Oak MS: Jackson Road, Leleck, Westover 

Poolesville HS
Poole MS: Monocacy, Poolesville ES

Longview School
Mr. William McGrath, Supervisor

Gaithersburg HS
Forest Oak MS: Goshen, Rosemont, Summit Hall, Washington Grove Gaithersburg MS: Gaithersburg ES, Laytonsville, Strawberry Knoll, Harriett Tubman

Northwest HS
Kingsview MS: Great Seneca Creek, McNair, Matsunaga, Darnestown, Diamond
Clemente MS: Clopper Mill, Germantown
Mrs. Lora S. Johnson (Supervisor)
Mrs. H. Shorb (Instructional Specialist)
Wheaton HS, DCC
Loiederman MS/Parkland MS: Brookhaven, Harmony Hills, Shriver, Viers Mill, Weller Road, Wheaton Woods

Thomas S. Wootton HS
Cold Spring, Stone Mill
Frost MS: Dufief, Fallsmead, Lakewood, Travilah

Thomas Edison HS of Technology

Winston Churchill HS
Cabin John MS: Bells Mill, Seven Locks
Hoover MS: Beverly Farms, Potomac, Wayside

Richard Montgomery HS
Julius West MS: Beall, College Gardens, Ritchie Park, Twinbrook, Bayard Rustin
Mrs. Claudette R. Smith (Supervisor)
Mrs. Sarah Kio (Instructional Specialist)
Clarksburg HS
Neelsville MS: Daly, Fox Chapel, Rocky Hill MS: Clarksburg ES, Gibbs, Little Bennett
Hallie Wells: Cedar Grove, Wims

Sherwood HS
Rosa Parks: Belmont, Greenwood, Olney
Farquhar MS: Brooke Grove, Sherwood ES

Watkins Mill HS
Montgomery Village MS: Stedwick, Watkins Mill ES, Whetstone, South Lake

Damascus HS
Baker MS: Clearspring, Damascus ES, Rockwell, Woodfield

Blair G. Ewing Center (3 sites)
Mr. Damien Ingram, Principal

Regional Institute for Children
and Adolescents (RICA)
Dr. Sandi B. Ives, Supervisor
Ms. Kia Middleton-Murphy (Supervisor)
Mrs. Ashley Doyle  (Instructional Specialist)
Seneca Valley HS
McAuliffe, Sally Ride
M L King: Lake Seneca, Waters Landing

Rockville HS
Wood MS: Barnsley, Flower Valley, Maryvale, Meadow Hall, Rock Creek Valley

Rock Terrace School
Ms. Anne Marie Tagliaferri, Supervisor

James H. Blake HS, NEC
Cloverly, Stonegate

Paint Branch HS, NEC
Banneker MS: Burtonsville, Fairland, Greencastle
Briggs Chaney: Galway, Tyler Page

Walt Whitman HS
Pyle MS: Bannockburn, Bradley Hills, Burning Tree, Carderock Springs, Wood Acres

Stephen Knolls
Mr. William McGrath, Supervisor

Lathrop E. Smith Center 240-740-1404
Ms. Laurie C. Jenkins, Supervisor
Dr. Melissa A. Brunson (Supervisor)
Mr. Bryan E. Hunter (Instructional Specialist)
John F. Kennedy HS,DCC
Odessa Shannon MS: Arcola, Glenallan, Kemp Mill
Argyle MS: Bel Pre, Georgian Forest, Strathmore

Col. Zadok Magruder HS
Redland MS: Cashell, Resnik, Sequoyah
Shady Grove MS: Candlewood, Flower Hill, Mill Creek Towne

Quince Orchard HS
Lakelands Park MS, Brown Station, Rachel Carson
Ridgeview MS: Fields Road, Jones Lane, Thurgood Marshall

Walter Johnson HS
North Bethesda MS: Ashburton, Kensington-Parkwood, Wyngate
Tilden MS: Farmland, Garrett Park, Luxmanor

Carl Sandburg Learning Center
Mrs. Kris M. Secan, Supervisor

Mrs. Kelly J. Jiron, Supervisor
Ms. Gerry Edwards, Instructional Specialist

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