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Department of Professional Growth Systems

Building the capacity of our workforce

Orientation Program for Employees New to Administrative and Supervisory Positions


The purpose of the orientation program is to provide a comprehensive overview of central services and school-based administrative roles. The program focuses on critical information and support needed to complete responsibilities thoroughly and to perform duties effectively and efficiently.


Orientation Program

Orientation program participants will receive a broad range of support through the Professional Growth System for A&S staff, which includes professional development opportunities; the professional development planning (PDP) process; the evaluation system designed for the role, which has clear standards for performance; and mentoring. The function of the orientation program is to provide two specific supports. There will be a series of modules that will orient the novice or new to a position A&S staff member to MCPS through an understanding of the strategic focus, organization, culture, stakeholder involvement process, and available support systems. The supervisor of each novice or new to a position A&S staff member will review the module content with the employee in order to select appropriate training that meets the employees individual needs. A supervisory review list will provide additional suggested topics that explain the processes, procedures, and culture of a specific office/school.


There are four modules as part of the orientation program that can be provided in a variety of methodologies, including face-to-face meetings, on-line learning, videos, or in written form. There will be differentiated modules provided for those staff who are new to MCPS and current MCPS staff who move to new A&S positions.