Summer RISE Information

for Hosts

The Summer RISE program was created to help inform student decision making about life after high school. Through the Summer RISE program, students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning opportunities related to their field of interest. Students will also be able to learn about and build upon professional skills determined by the business community as important skills to know.

Many students do not have a clear understanding about careers, the requirements needed to pursue the career and what specific careers entail day in and day out. Students also do not have a sense of starting salaries. Summer RISE exposes students to career fields and gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to explore the MCPS student talent pool. MCPS prepares students for their experience at host organizations through a mandatory workshop and instruction on expectations for workplace behavior, communication, and customer/colleague interaction. The workshop also includes a financial literacy component where students are taught the importance of being fiscally responsible. Students who completed the program in 2019 were provided with a $300 stipend to cover expenses, such as clothing, food, office supplies and transportation. 

We invite you to become a Summer RISE Host to support high school student learning as they explore careers they may wish to pursue and to benefit by exposure to their energy, enthusiasm, creativity and innovative ideas. Summer RISE is committed to providing real-life educational and professional experiences to the ambitious and talented youth of Montgomery County. Your engagement will support our amazing youth by influencing the trajectory of their pathways and impacting their academic and professional development.   

MCPS fully supports organizations by providing an orientation session on program expectations and meaningfully engaging youth in the workplace. During the orientation session, hosts will be provided guidance for creating a framework that each employer can adapt to create a unique career-based learning experience for its student(s). An overview of how students are prepared for their experience, as well as tips on how to work with high school youth, will also be provided.  

During the summer program, we ask that hosts teach students about the following:

  • Typical organizational business models, structures and workplace environments
  • Organizational structure of the company/organization
  • Roles of employees within different departments and education/training needed to pursue the same roles
  • Expectations for employee professional skills including attitudes, reliability, punctuality, collaboration, communication and behavior in a professional environment
  • Appropriate customer service in the context of the workplace
  • Purpose behind technologies used
  • Potential career pathways and growth opportunities within your professional sector

Summer RISE experiences show students what they need to do to be “career-ready.” Constructive feedback from supportive host supervisors bolsters student self-confidence and empowers them to take initiative. Summer RISE provides students with professional adult mentors who invite students into their worksites so that students can learn about professions in our local area.

Host Information Session Form

What have previous hosts said about their Summer RISE experience?

I liked the opportunity to gain insight from today’s youth.

Each student expressed a sense of accomplishment this summer. I believe they grew and gained valuable insight.

I enjoyed teaching our student real-life work skills.

I love the idea of giving a student-athlete a behind the scenes look at athletics.

I liked having a new perspective from a young person who could tell us what he thought about our library programs and spaces.


Previous Summer RISE Hosts and Partners

Student experiences included helping to:

  • Develop an app
  • Create a website
  • Design a brochure
  • Assist in setting up biology labs
  • Coordinate a meeting or event
  • Act as a teacher’s aide, supporting a lesson
  • Provide customer service
  • Conduct research
  • Create presentations
  • Perform data maintenance
  • Edit newsletters
  • Support clients as they complete job applications and create resumes
  • Feed lab animals/fish
  • Take care of greenhouse plants
  • Create and edit social media posts
  • Attend business meetings and take minutes
  • Review blueprints to inform building project designs