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What is Summer RISE?

Summer RISE (Reimagining an Innovative Student Experience) is an initiative led by the Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) Department of Partnerships in collaboration with businesses, government agencies, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations. The program is for rising MCPS juniors and seniors to participate in a career-based learning opportunity during the summer. Students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning opportunities related to their field of interest.

Summer RISE 2024

The program will run for 5 weeks, from June 24th through July 26th, with a minimum of 50 hours of either in-person, virtual or a combination of the two experiences.

Summer RISE is committed to providing real-life career-based educational and professional experiences to ambitious and talented MCPS students.

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Summer RISE 2024

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Summer RISE Program

June 24 - July 26

Closing Ceremony

July 25


Students will learn:

  • Organizational structures and how an organization functions as a whole
  • Employer expectations in a typical workplace environment
  • Career options, starting salaries, degrees, certifications or experiences required in a specific field
  • Professional and transferable technical skills determined by the business community
  • Technical and professional transferable skills that apply to any job

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For Hosts

We invite you to become a Summer RISE Host to support high school students learning about careers as you develop a talent pipeline. You can benefit from student energy, enthusiasm, creativity and innovative ideas.

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For Students

We invite MCPS rising juniors and seniors to register to participate in Summer RISE, a 50 hour/5-week career-based learning opportunity from June 24 to July 26, 2024, in-person, virtual or a combination of the two experiences.

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Hear from Summer RISE Students, Hosts, Partners and Supporters

2023 Summer RISE Closing Ceremony


2022 Summer RISE Closing Ceremony


Summer RISE 2021 Video


Summer RISE experiences

Summer RISE experiences can include, but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a teacher’s aide, supporting a lesson
  • Assisting in setting up biology labs
  • Attending business meetings, taking minutes
  • Coordinating a meeting or event
  • Conducting research
  • Creating a website
  • Creating presentations
  • Creating and editing social media posts
  • Designing a brochure
  • Developing an app
  • Editing newsletters
  • Feeding lab animals/fish
  • Participating in organizational, team or individual meetings
  • Providing customer service
  • Performing data maintenance
  • Reviewing blueprints to inform building project designs
  • Supporting clients as they complete job applications and create resumes
  • Taking care of greenhouse plants

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