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Blended Learning Courses

Registering for the MCPS blended learning courses (Comprehensive Health Education, Foundations of Technology A/B, and Foundations of Computer Science A/B) is a multi-step process. The Student eLearning office provides information about the MCPS registration process below. For further information or clarification of a particular step, please contact the Student eLearning office at either 240-740-3950 or


☞ Registration for fall 2018 online Health, FoT A/B, and FoCS A/B is OPEN. See below for the registration process.


Basic Steps for Registration

  1. Complete Google Form
    1. Complete the Google Docs form for one of the following:
      HealthFoT A/BComp Sci A/B‹‹ (Select each to access separate forms.)
      • Submitting the Google Form will email you further registration instructions and an attached registration form in PDF format.
    2. Print the Attached Registration Form.
    3. Obtain Required Signatures on Registration Form.
    4. Choose Payment Option.
      • Option #1: Mail or hand-deliver a check or money order with the completed registration form to the Student eLearning office.
      • Option #2: Submit an online payment with a credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa) after registration confirmation (see Step 2 below). Once the Student eLearning office receives your completed form and you are enrolled in a class, you will be sent a registration confirmation email that includes instructions on how to submit an online payment. Do not submit an online payment until registration is confirmed.
    5. Submit Completed Form to the Student eLearning Office.
      • The Student eLearning office processes completed and signed forms in the order received. Students are registered after completed and signed forms are received and processed.
  2. Make Payment & Verify Registration
    1. Read Automated “Registration Confirmation” Email from
      • The email message contains the instructions for making online payment, course title, section title/number, start and end dates of the course, and location and times for the required face-to-face classes. Verify that you are able to attend the entirety of the mandatory face-to-face classes.
    2. Make Online Payment, if you have not already paid by check.
      • The MCPS online payment system requires you to sign in or create an account.
      • Payment (online or check) must be received within ten (10) business days of registration confirmation. If there is no payment, the student will be withdrawn from the course.

Next Step:

  • Wait for Course to Start
    • One week before the course starts, your online teacher will contact you with an email message containing important information and instructions for accessing the course.
    • If you do not receive an email from your online teacher, contact the Student eLearning office.

Students are registered in the order that the completed forms are received by the Student eLearning office.

AP Courses/Third Party Vendors

Registering for the online AP courses/third party vendor courses involves the following steps:

  1. Discuss the AP course's eligibility requirements with a guidance counselor.
  2. Contact (phone or email) the Student eLearning office about AP course interest.
  3. Complete the Google form called "Online Advanced Placement Pre-registration Approval Form." These online AP courses are only selected courses approved by MCPS and MSDE. The Google form will email you a filled-out PDF file that you need to print.
  4. Obtain the required signatures on the form.
  5. Submit the completed form with signatures to the Student eLearning office.
  6. Subsequently receive information (email) on how to enroll in the AP course offered through a particular vendor.
  7. Enroll in the AP course(s) through the vendor and pay the vendor directly.

See the AP Courses page for more information.

Online Pathway to Graduation Program

☞ Registration for OPTG is OPEN.

Registering for the Online Pathway to Graduation program involves the following steps:

  1. Contact a counselor at your high school.
  2. Complete and sign all forms.
  3. Mail or fax the completed forms to:
    • Montgomery County Public Schools
      Student eLearning Office
      850 Hungerford Drive, Suite 251
      Rockville, MD 20850
    • Fax: 301-279-3340.
  4. You will be contacted by the Student eLearning Office with an orientation start date.

Summer Online Pathway to Graduation

☞ Registration for Summer OPTG is CLOSED.

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