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Guidelines for Submitting Translation Requests

  • All documents requested for translation must be submitted through the Translation Request System (TRS). Documents submitted via emails cannot be honored.

  • Requests for written translation must be submitted through TRS at least 10 business days prior to the due date.

  • The content should be written in clear, succinct, unambiguous language with correct spelling and grammar.

  • Use simple language that can easily be translated into different languages. Do not use colloquialisms, legal or technical language.

  • Meaningful segments should never be separated by returns (hard or soft), section breaks, column breaks, page breaks, or table cells.

  • Use underlining and a single tab or, preferably, lower borders in tables to create fill-in blanks for forms. Do NOT use underscores.

  • Use a table for columns of information, not tabs. This will make it easier to preserve meaningful segments intact, both for translation and for editing in English. If tabs are necessary in a line or series of lines, do not use multiple tabs to place the text where it needs to go, but rather reset the tab to where the text needs to go so only one tab is necessary from one column to the next.

  • MS Word documents submitted for translation have to be created originally using MS Word. Word documents converted from Pdf often adversely affect the Translation Management System (TMS).

    Supported File Types

    File Type File Extension Supported
    Microsoft Word 2003 .doc Yes
    Microsoft Word 2007 .docx Yes
    Microsoft Excel 2003 .xls Yes
    Microsoft Excel 2007 .xlx Soon
    Microsoft PowerPoint 1997 - 2003 .ppt Yes
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 - 2010 .pptx Yes
    Microsoft Publisher .pub No (Please export content to a Word file.)
    Adobe PDF .pdf No
    Adobe InDesign .inx Yes
    HTML .html Yes (IEPs must be submitted as HTML)