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Translation Management System - TMS

The Translation Management System (TMS) supports the translation of documents, controls processes and content from initial submissions to final, publishable documents.

Translation Request System - TRS

Schools and offices can use the Translation Request System (TRS) component of the TMS to submit requests, monitor progress on a submission, and download final documents for publication.

Even before the submission of a document for translation, there are important steps to assure that the final product communicates the intended message accurately and comprehensibly. Please follow the LASU guidelines for submission. For more information on the steps to follow, please take a look at our Reference Manual.


If an IEP is being uploaded for translation, please make sure the name of the project is the student name plus the word IEP ( ex. Martinez, Jose IEP). IEPs must be saved as HTML only. Also, make sure the request form 311-1 is uploaded along with the document and under document name, please write the student name. 


Only Translation Coordinators have access to TRS. If you have not selected a coordinator for your site, please e-mail to Maria Elena Campos , Language Services Supervisor, so she can create credentials for your new coordinators.

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