The important work performed by the Department of Facilities Management (DFM) has continued during the uncertain times brought about by the coronavirus. COVID-19 virus has certainly changed the way we accomplish our tasks, but it has not changed our purpose, which is to ensure that our schools remain safe and in optimum operating condition.

The dedicated staff of DFM has continued to provide critical operational support to ensure that our students were able to successfully continue their online learning. We are also continuing to work diligently to ensure that our facilities are well maintained and operational when it is safe to return to our schools and workplaces. CLICK HERE to learn more about the great work that has been ongoing in our facilities during the shutdown.

As we move into the various phases of reopening, we want to ensure that our facilities are ready for office staff to return to work. It is also vitally important that our employees understand that the "new normal" for our workplaces has changed. We must all maintain a strong commitment to social responsibility and promote the healthy habits that will help keep everyone safe. Click on the images/buttons below to quickly access information that is important for MCPS staff. 

Click here for our "new normal" workplace guidelines   Please continue to follow the basic guidelines for safety   Click here for our real-time IAQ project status

Click here to visit the main MCPS coronavirus webpage.   Understand your social responsibility for safety as an employee   Our employees must be socially responsible 

Click here for the interim guidelines for navigating COVID-19.   Click here for FAQ   Click here to find the M&O service center for your school