Regional Summer School

Registration begins on April 20, 2020 at 9AM

Daily Face-to-Face

Session 1: June 22 - July 10 (No School on July 3)
Session 2: July 14 - July 31

Two sessions, three weeks each. Students will attend a teacher-directed class M-F for five hours per day. Online courses are highly recommended for original credit in order to provide a comprehensive curriculum and instructional experience. Daily face-to-face courses are designed for students who wish to retake a course for a higher grade.
Summer Online Pathway to Graduation

June 22 - August 6

One session, seven weeks (six weeks for summer graduates). Students are required to spend one hour per week per course at their chosen instructional support center. Support centers are open M-Th from 4pm to 7pm.
Blended Learning

Course Dates for Blended Learning Courses

Multiple sessions, three weeks per semester course. Students work primarily online at their own pace and will meet with teachers periodically throughout the course. Webinar format available for certain health sections.