Central High School Summer Program

Summer School 2023 Registration and Program Information expected March 2023


The 2022 Central High School Summer Program (CHSSP) has a range of blended (synchronous and asynchronous) offerings, including core courses, Career Technology Education, Health Education, World Language, and Fine Arts. Students can take a course for grade replacement, grade improvement, or in some instances, original credit. Please note that students taking summer courses to replace a failing grade, or planning to graduate in the summer of 2022, will take precedence over students who have already earned credit in the courses for which they register.

CHSSP consists of two sessions:

  • Session 1: June 29 - July 18 (no school July 4)
  • Session 2: July 20 - August 9 (no school July 25)
Semester A courses are only offered during session 1 and semester B courses are only offered during session 2. Honors Health Education A will be offered in both session 1 and session 2. Under-enrolled courses are subject to cancellation. Students may enroll in no more than two courses per session.

Program Description (Core Courses)

CHSSP will feature a blended instructional model, combining required, synchronous virtual meetings and a robust, asynchronous experience. Students will attend mandatory synchronous virtual instructional sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays that may contain:
  • Direct instruction
  • Preview of asynchronous content
  • Review of asynchronous content
  • Collaborative work
  • Student discourse
  • Re-teaching
  • Assessment and Reassessment

Course Offerings (Core Courses)

Refer to the Core Courses page for class schedules and times. Each course will be offered at two times during the day; morning/early afternoon and late afternoon/evening. Students must commit to one time or the other for the entire three week session. All final schedules will be dependent upon student enrollment and teacher availability. You may be contacted to select another course or time if necessary.
In addition to the 10 hours of required, synchronous meetings, students should plan to spend between 40 and 50 hours during the three week session per course engaging in asynchronous learning components.

Optional Virtual and In-Person Support (Core Courses)

Teachers will provide live support sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the regularly scheduled class time to allow students the opportunity to access additional support. While these support sessions are not required, and students may attend as needed, teachers may ask students to attend at various times throughout the session in order to support student learning.
In addition to the virtual support provided by classroom teachers, in-person, content-specific support (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies only) teachers will be available at two regional sites: Seneca Valley HS and Wheaton/Edison HS. Regional support sites will be open from 10:30am until 6:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday.
Students may enroll in no more than two courses per session; and only one of those courses may be a CTE course. CTE courses are scheduled to take place in-person from 8am to 12:30pm each day. Therefore the second CHSSP course will need to be scheduled in the afternoon. Under-enrolled courses are subject to cancellation.

Program Description (CTE Courses)

CHSSP CTE courses for credit will be in-person at Seneca Valley and Wheaton/Edison High Schools.

Course Offerings (CTE Courses)

Refer to the CTE Courses page for class schedules and times.
CTE courses for credit are full eighteen week courses condensed into 3 weeks.