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Work-Life Services 

The EAP offers support for a variety of work-life services that impact well-being. Please contact the EAP directly for assistance with specific resources.

Financial Wellness Services

  • The next financial wellness webinar is on February 13, 2024 on Legacy Planning & Creating Generational Wealth with the Foundation for Financial Education (F3E). View the flyer to learn more and RSVP. 
  • Request previously recorded financial wellness webinars:
  • The Foundation for Financial Education (F3E) information and resources: 
  • Educational Systems Federal Credit Union resources: 

For SEIU Members

For MCAAP Members

  • Union Plus Financial Products: assists with credit card and personal loans, debt settlement, and more. 
  • All MCAAP unit members can request professional development travel funds in the Fall of each year for conferences, workshops, and things of the like.

Legal Resources

  • The People's Law Library of Maryland: access to legal information, a legal services directory by county, and the Maryland Court Help Center for free legal help with civil matters. 

For SEIU Members

For MCEA Members

For MCCAP Members

Housing Resources

  • MD Housing Search: a free search and listing resource for apartments and homes, and additional resources by county.  

For MCEA Members

  • Summit Hills Apartments 5% Teacher Discount available 844-721-2002.