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Support For Supervisors

Being a supervisor takes a great deal of skill. It involves knowing how to manage people well in order to keep productivity high. The EAP is here to confidentially support supervisors via consultations and critical incident response.

Supervisory Consultations

We consult with principals and supervisors about using constructive confrontation to address employees' work performance issues. We also provide information on how to best support employees experiencing difficulties and guide you on how to refer them to the EAPSupervisory consultations are 30 minutes or less via zoom, phone, or in-person. To schedule a consultation give us a call at 240-740-6500.

MCPS Employee Support for Unusual Events and Critical Incidents

If you are in need of support for your staff related to a Critical Incident, the EAP is here for you. We offer a variety of options and are here to help you identify what response will be most appropriate based on the incident and staff needs. Some examples of critical incidents are: death of an employee, death of a student, a tragic accident, workplace violence, etc.

Process for setting up staff support:

  1. Call the EAP office or email one of the specialists to set up a time to speak about your school’s incident.
  2. The specialist will guide you through some questions, share their expertise on what might be the most appropriate response, and hear from you about what you believe your staff needs are.
  3. A plan of EAP support for staff will be agreed on/scheduled.
  4. The EAP specialist will share resources, email language, and/or other information for a smooth implementation of the Critical Incident Response.