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Judy Center Early Learning Hub

Summit Hall Elementary School

Collaboration and partnerships with the community lie at the heart of Maryland’s Judy Center Early Learning Hubs. Judy Centers are not childcare centers but a comprehensive hub where families can participate in family learning experiences and receive services and support. In Title I and high-needs elementary schools in every Maryland jurisdiction, Judy Centers empower a child’s first teachers - their families - by supporting child development and early learning skills for our youngest learners from birth through kindergarten. 

The Judy Center Early Learning Hub at Summit Hall Elementary serves children and families who live in the Summit Hall Elementary School attendance area. Together, the Montgomery County Public Schools and Judy Center Grant partnership creates a system of comprehensive early childhood services for families and children from birth to age 5. As part of the Montgomery County Public Schools Department of PreK-12 Curriculum and Districtwide Programs, we enlist the aid of our many collaborative partners to support school readiness.

To find out your child's home school, use the School Assignment Tool or call the Judy Center at 301-284-4170.

Our Services

What makes Judy Centers special is that their services are offered on site at Summit Hall Elementary. In addition to offering this convenience, Judy Centers use a “whole child” approach to address the many variables that can influence a young child’s readiness for Kindergarten. 

Family Services and Support

The Judy Center offers year around early childhood programs for children from birth to five and their families. We also offer support in the following areas:

  • Assistance in obtaining medical/dental insurance for your child
  • Assistance in finding licensed child care in Montgomery County 
  • Access to healthy meals/snacks 
  • Childhood medical/dental screenings 
  • Playgroups for children and their families (children ages 0 - 4)
  • Assistance with identifying employment opportunities for parents/guardians
  • Assistance with career and life planning for parents/guardians
  • Assistance with enrolling in English classes, GED classes, college, and trade school courses for parents/guardians
  • Support for pregnant mothers and expecting fathers
  • Assistance with enrolling into MCPS PreKindergarten and Head Start
  • Summer Learning Activities for children 0-4
  • Free books and other learning materials for young children 
  • Parent Education Workshops

Childcare Provider Support

The Judy Center also supports our partner childcare providers who serve children that reside within our school zone. Judy Center support includes:

  • Supporting childcare providers with gaining access to community supports that are available for participation in Maryland Excels.
  • Supporting childcare professionals with learning opportunities to improve instructional and caregiving practices at their childcare facility. 
  • Opportunities to participate on the Judy Center Steering Committee and other professional learning opportunities offered through partners of the Judy Center.
  • Extending participation in parenting workshops, service coordination, family support and evening family activities to childcare families who reside within the Summit Hall Elementary School attendance area.

By offering a holistic approach and making it as easy as possible for children and their families to access services, Judy Centers prepare young children for school, help adults become better parents and benefit everyone in Maryland by improving the quality of life for families with young children. (Source: Maryland State Department of Education)

It's Never Too Early to Learn!

Contact Us:

Judy Center Early Learning Hub at Summit Hall Elementary School

101 W. Deer Park Rd.

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: 301-284-4170

Dr. Aprielle Anderson, Program Manager

Ms. Emy Guerrero, Program Secretary

Ms. Martha Bruno, Parent Outreach Coordinator

Ms. Ruth Granados, Family Service Worker

Ms. Laura Cerezo-Vargas, Program Assistant