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Superintendent’s FY 2016 Operating Budget Recommendation (December 9, 2014)


  • Budget in Brief Document for FY 2016 Adobe PDF icon square:
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Complete Budget

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Table of Contents & Introductory Pages

Summary Data

Summary Data 

  • Table 1: Summary of Resources by Object of Expenditure
  • Table la: Summary of Budget Changes
  • Where the Money Goes
  • Where the Money Comes From
  • Table 2: Budget Revenues by Source
  • Table 3: Revenue Summary for Grant Programs by Source of Funds
  • Table 4: Summary of Student Enrollment
  • Table 5: Allocation of Staffing
  • Cost per Student by Grade Span
  • Summary of Negotiations
  • Special Education Staffing Plan Resolution
  • Montgomery County Public Schools FY 2016 Organization Chart

Budget Chapters

Chapter 1: K-12 Instruction 

Chapter 2: Office of the Deputy Superintendent of School Support and Improvement 

Chapter 3: Office of the Chief Academic Officer 

Chapter 4: Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs 

Chapter 5: Office of Special Education and Student Services  

Chapter 6: Office of Shared Accountability  

Chapter 7: Office of Engagement and Partnerships  

Chapter 8: Office of the Chief Operating Officer  

Chapter 9: Office of the Chief Technology Officer  

Chapter 10: Office of Human Resources and Development 

Chapter 11: Board of Education and Office of the Superintendent 


Salary Schedule (Appendix A)

  • Administrative & Supervisory Salary Schedule
  • Business and Operations Administrators Salary Schedule
  • Teacher and Other Professional Salary Schedule
  • Supporting Services Hourly Rate Schedule

State Budget Category Summaries (Categories 1-81) (Appendix B)

K-12 Budget Staffing Guidelines (Appendix C)

Special Education Staffing Plan and Budget Guidelines (Appendix D)

Non-Operating Budget Positions (Appendix E)

Reconciliation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) andOperating Budget for FY 2014 Actual Expenditures (Appendix F)

Glossary (Appendix G)

Index (Appendix H)