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MCPS staff can obtain MCPS-specific forms and information related to 10&Es and appeals by visiting the Division of Appeals Staff Resource Webpage.

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Individual staff numbers and email addresses can be found here.

The Division of Appeals

What is the Division of Appeals?

The Division of Appeals processes parent/guardian appeals, in accordance with federal and state requirements as well as Board policies and MCPS regulations. Appeals commonly consist of, but are not limited to, concerns regarding student residency, grades, transfers, enrollment, tuition, transportation, athletic eligibility, athletic waivers, and discipline.

The office also facilitates discipline hearings when a principal requests a 10-day suspension, with recommendation for expulsion, in response to a serious violation to the Student Code of Conduct. The Division of Appeals team provides a written recommendation to the superintendent’s designee, who determines if removal of a student from school beyond 10 days is necessary.

Division of Appeals Mission Statement

The dedicated team of the Division of Appeals will provide timely and equitable resolutions to appeals, in accordance with policies and regulations, that prioritize student rights, safety, academic success, and social-emotional well-being. The Division of Appeals is committed to providing consistent responses that aid in transparency, foster positive relationships, and maintain the trust of the Montgomery County students, families, and community.


FAQs regarding Expulsions

FAQs regarding Student Transfers

MCPS pupil personnel workers (PPWs) serve as liaisons between families and various MCPS departments. Additionally, they consult with parents/guardians on numerous issues regarding student success. For more information on PPWS and the Division of Pupil Personnel and Attendance Services (DPPAS), click here.

Contact your school’s assigned PPW to discuss your reasons for wanting a Change of School Assignment (COSA) and possible solutions. PPW contact information can be found, here.

COSA applications are processed by the Division of Pupil Personnel and Attendance Services (DPPAS). For questions regarding the status of your submitted COSA request, contact DPPAS at 240-740-5620.

If your COSA request was denied and you want to know why it was denied,contact DPPAS at 240-740-5620.

If your COSA request was denied and you want to appeal, send your request to within 15 days of your notification of denial. If you have already submitted an appeal to the Division of Appeals, contact the Division of Appeals regarding your appeal status at 240-740-4130.

All questions regarding MCPS consortia school assignments should be directed to the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Programs Services (DCCAPS) at 240-740-2540 or via email at

According to the MCPS Board Policy JEE, Student Transfer, a COSA may be approved for a unique hardship, defined as extenuating circumstances related to a student’s specific physical, mental, or emotional well-being or their family’s individual or personal situation that could be mitigated by a change of school environment. However, problems that are common to large numbers of families do not constitute a unique hardship, absent other compelling factors.

FAQs regarding Concerns, Complaints, and Appeals