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As part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure access and opportunity for all students, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) provides important college readiness examinations to all students. This includes an in-school PSAT day for Grade 10 (First Year Ninth Grade 2022-2023) students during the fall semester and an in-school SAT day for Grade 11 (First Year Ninth Grade 2021-2022) students during the spring semester.  This allows greater access to these important examinations,  and it supports efforts to remove barriers associated with college entrance examinations ensuring equitable access to these important steps to college and career readiness. All PSAT and SAT assessments will be administered digitally starting school year 2023-2024.

PSAT School Day

The PSAT provides an important measure of each student’s readiness for advanced coursework, college and careers, and preparation for future college readiness examinations. The PSAT is administered to all Grade 10 students in October of each year.

The PSAT will be offered to all Grade 10 students on October 11, 2023, at no cost to students. Although current Grade 11 students must pay a fee for the assessment, they are encouraged to participate to obtain additional SAT practice and participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

SAT School Day

The SAT (without Essay) is offered to all Grade 11 students during the school day in March of each year.

The SAT School Day will be offered to all Grade 11 students (or other eligible students in the same graduation cohort), districtwide on March 19 and March 20, 2024. 

Please note that students taking the SAT during a school day must adhere to the same testing protocols that take place on national testing dates, including services for students with disabilities.

PSAT/SAT Student Registration Guide

Students will receive a Registration Guide before the test administration, and parents/guardians can access this guide for the SAT and the PSAT . The guide allows students to become  familiar  with  the  test structure. They learn the test directions and can review sample questions. Students will be asked to take an optional Student Survey.  A primary benefit of completing the optional Student Survey is to participate in Student Search Service, which is a program that connects your child to college and scholarship opportunities that reflect your child’s interests. If you choose to permit your child to complete the optional Student Survey, the data your child provides will be added to your child’s College Board student record.

School counselors work individually with each student to identify the appropriate test. Students who need assistance registering for a test can see their School Counselor or College and Career Coordinator. 

For score reports after test administration, students and parents/guardians must sign in to their College Board account to access and view. Scores are available approximately one month after the testing date.



Digital PSAT and SAT

What’s Staying the Same? 

  • The digital SAT will continue to measure the knowledge and skills that students are learning in high school and that matter most for college and career readiness. 
  • The SAT will still be scored on a 1600 scale and educators and students can continue to track growth across the Suite over time. 
  • The digital SAT will still be administered in a school or in a test center with a proctor present—not at home. 
  • Students will still have free, world-class practice resources on Khan Academy®. 
  • Students will continue to connect directly to scholarships. 
  • Students with accommodations will continue to receive those accommodations on the digital SAT. 

What’s Changing? 

  • The tests will be shorter—about two hours instead of three and students will have more time per question. 
  • Students and educators will receive scores faster. 
  • Students will take the digital SAT Suite using Bluebook™, College Board’s custom-built digital exam application. The app includes a built-in graphing calculator, a countdown clock, and a way to flag questions to come back to them later. 
  • The digital SAT Suite score reports will connect students to information about local two-year colleges, workforce training programs, and career options. 
  • Students will test on laptop, chromebook, or tablet devices.

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National Administrations

Students may also access national administrations of the SAT or ACT that are offered by these organizations, typically on Saturdays. Students registering for national administrations are responsible for the cost of their exam or through fee waivers available through the College Board or ACT. For more information, visit:

Requesting Accommodations

In order to request accommodations for the PSAT, SAT/ACT or AP exams please contact your School Counselor or the SSD Coordinator to begin the process.  The SSD coordinator enters contact information, requested accommodations, information about the student’s disability, and information about any formal accommodation plans. The families will work with school staff to submit documentation for the College Board to make a decision. 

College Board:


Privacy Policy

MCPS has a data sharing agreement with the College Board for the administration of SAT Day. The College Board has assured MCPS that it only shares data with eligible colleges, universities, and scholarship and educational opportunity programs that sign a license agreement with the College Board. The College Board consistently monitors these organizations’ use of student information for compliance. Individual student scores are not shared through Student Search Service, and you may withdraw your participation in Student Search Service at any time. Completion of the Student Survey and participation in Student Search Service are optional and voluntary for all students.