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Board of EducationMeetings → January 08, 2013

Board of Education Evening Business Meeting
January 08, 2013

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Acknowledgement of a Quorum
Approval of the Agenda
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
School Security Systems

The Board held a discussion on school security systems and passed a resolution approving a request to the Montgomery County Council to move $364,000 of funding from Fiscal Year 2014 to Fiscal Year 2013 in the School Securities System Project in the Capital Improvements Program. The purpose of the request is to complete installation of Access Control Systems (ACS) in elementary schools by June 30, 2013.

The ACS helps regulate access into the school and is installed on two doors of each elementary school. It consists of exterior cameras located near the entrances, a computer monitor in the main office, an intercom system, and a remote strike release. All visitors must be buzzed in before entering the building.

There are 47 elementary schools, including holding schools, which do not currently have ACS installed. Twenty-one of these schools were funded in FY 2013, and these systems will be installed within the next six weeks. Funds for ACSs in the remaining 26 schools are included in the FY 2014 funding.  If the request is approved by the County Council, all MCPS elementary schools will have ACS systems by the end of June 2013.

Read the Access Control Systems Memo

Update on the Implementation of the Mathematics Common Core State Standards

The Board of Education received an update and had a wide-ranging discussion about upgrades to the mathematics program in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

The changes to the mathematics program have been made in response to the findings and recommendations in the K–12 Mathematics Work Group Report (2010), the required alignment of MCPS curriculum with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The CCSS call for a higher level of mathematics thinking for all students. MCPS’ mathematics instruction in Curriculum 2.0 will expand access to higher-level courses to ensure that the majority of students will reach Algebra 1 in Grade 8, with a few completing Algebra 1 by Grade 9 and a few completing the course prior to Grade 8.

Implications of CCSS adoption include the need to increase teacher’s content knowledge, change instructional practices, design and implement new formative assessments, provide acceleration and intervention, set appropriate targets, and provide comprehensive professional development for employees throughout the system including teachers, administrators, and professional support staff.

Upgrades in the MCPS mathematics program will result in changes from the previous 2001 program including: alignment to internationally driven standards, a targeted focus with a fewer topics per grade/course, an emphasis on proficiency and deep understanding, as well as acceleration and enrichment based on individual student needs.

Read the Board Memo
MCPS Mathematics Website

Consent Items
Non-Substantive Change on Policy BLB, Rules of Procedure in Appeals and Hearings
Delegation of Authority―Administration of Before- and After-School Child Care Programs
Human Resources and Development

The Board of Education approved the following administrative appointment:

  • Katherine (Diane) D. Smith, currently principal, Farmland Elementary School, as coordinator, Department of Recruitment and Staffing, Office of Human Resources and Development.

Other Action: The Board also took action on several items, including: 

Resolutions: The Board unanimously approved the following:

Monthly Financial Report
Implementation of Federal and Maryland Laws and Regulations

The Board held a discussion on the Teacher and Principal Evaluation (TPE) requirements and the new School Progress Index (SPI), as well as other federal and state requirements that may impact MCPS during the next 12 to 18 months. Superintendent Starr submitted TPE plans to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) that are in compliance with the requirements of the Education Reform Act of 2010 and the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13.A.07.09. The parties collaborated to revise and align the Professional Growth Systems with the required statutory and regulatory elements.

MSDE is implementing a new accountability system based on the Maryland School Progress Index, which is a composite of multiple indicators and measures that reflect Maryland’s priorities and educational values. The SPI is the overall accountability measure and is composed of the following indicators: achievement, gap reduction, growth and college and career readiness. Information about SPI is available on the MSDE website

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