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MCPS Antiracist Audit Implementation

The Antiracist System Audit is a comprehensive and district-wide review of our practices and policies.

Antiracist Audit To Examine and Address Institutional Racism in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

February 2, 2022

Dear MCPS Community,

We are writing to provide an update on our district’s ongoing work and commitment to address racial barriers in MCPS.

The truth is, talking about race is hard. School districts around the country have been struggling to engage in these conversations as community members pick sides and point fingers. Yet, we cannot avoid talking about race in MCPS because our data, recent experiences, and the disparities of how COVID-19 affected the community won’t allow us.

With this need in mind, last year we began a review of our district policies and practices called the Antiracist System Audit. Over the past few months, we have met with students, families, staff, and community members to get input on the audit and to hear concerns and questions. Some of you said that the audit goes beyond the scope of what a school district should be doing. Others told us that we are not going far enough. Gaining trust will take time, so we want to explain what we believe the audit is and is not.

  • The audit IS a comprehensive and district-wide review of our practices and policies. Click here to read about the different areas of the audit.
  • The audit IS about fact-finding. Action will be determined based on the results of the audit.
  • The audit IS NOT about pointing fingers. We will not condone the blaming or shaming of anyone, or any group, for the actions of others.

The next phase of the audit is to hear from all our stakeholders through surveys and focus groups. Please see the graphic to the right for information about student, staff, and family surveys as well as upcoming community conversations. Please be on the lookout for additional communication with more details. Findings from the audit will be shared with the entire community by June 2022 and all MCPS schools and offices will create action plans this summer. Action updates will be publicized on this webpage.

It is not lost on us that we write this letter from the MCPS’ headquarters in the Carver Educational Services Center building. This historical place used to be the school where every Black high school student from across Montgomery County needed to attend regardless of where they lived. This fact reminds us that racism was built into our core structures. However, we are sitting in this building as leaders of a district that is now one of the most diverse and successful in the country. We are hopeful that we can use this audit to re-envision a school district where all students, families, and staff feel safe, valued, seen, heard, and successful.


Dr. Monifa B. McKnight
Interim Superintendent
Montgomery County Public Schools

Importance of the MCPS Anti-Racist Audit

MCPS Antiracist Audit - 6 Areas of the Audit

Six Areas
of the Audit

The Antiracist System Audit will look at six areas of MCPS.
Click on the button to learn more about each area.

View the Six Areas of the Audit

MCPS Antiracist Audit - Data Collections

Antiracist Audit Data Collections Calendar

As of May 27, 2021. Please continue looking back at this calendar as dates may change.

View Data Collection Calendar

MCPS Antiracist Audit - Surveys

Stakeholder Surveys

The next phase of the Audit is for students, staff, parents, and guardians to fill out an anonymous survey. The survey asks you to think about your experience with MCPS.

Student Surveys

All students in grade 4 through grade 12 will take an age-appropriate survey in school between March 1 and March 31, 2022. Each school will decide on their date.


Anti-Racist Audit Explainer Video


MCPS Antiracist Audit - Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few months, we have met with students, community organizations, staff, and families to get input on the Audit and to hear concerns and questions.  Please click on the button to find questions and responses. This site will be updated frequently. If your question is not listed, please click here to submit a question.

Translations: español  /  中文  /  français /  Português /  한국어 /  tiếng Việt /  አማርኛ

Parents, Guardians, Staff

Your voice is very important. All parents, guardians, and staff are asked to take the survey between March 1 and March 31. The surveys are written in these seven languages. (will start on March 2022)


MCPS Antiracist Audit - Community Conversation

Participate in a Focus Group/
View a Community Conversation

Learn more about the Audit and give us your opinions.

Your experiences are extremely valuable in helping MCPS address racism and creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive district. We want to make sure your views are heard and accurately represented.

Participate in a focus group:

Attend a community conversation

If you were unable to attend a community conversation, recordings are available to view.

View dates and links for the Community Conversations


MCPS Antiracist Audit - Action and Accountability

Action and Accountability

A final report will be produced by August, 2022, and will be shared with the entire community. Every district office and school will create action plans and accountability measures to address the results of the Audit.  

In anticipation of the Audit report, a committee is currently working to develop the structures needed to implement changes. Each area of the Audit will have an action team made up of staff, students, and families to recommend action and hold the district accountable for the action. Committees, for example, may consider funding and staffing changes, policy revisions, new training, and changes to employee performance standards.

  • This webpage will publish specific action plans and action updates.