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Printing Answer Sheets: Achievement Series

Important Information About Printing and Scanning Answer Sheets

Computers and Brother multifunction scanner/printers were shipped to middle and high schools for the Achievement Series project. The test answer sheet forms are to be printed to the Gestetner multifunction copier or to another high volume laser printer. The workstations are configured to print to the Brother DCP 8060 printers, but the best print option is the Gestetner copier or other high volume printer. Print the answer sheets directly from the computer provided for this purpose. Instructions on how to set up the Gestetner multifunction copier are posted on the ITSS Conference. Your local school ITSS can also contact the Help Desk or the Instructional Technology Team to get directions for configuring the scanner workstations.

Documents on How to Print Answer Sheets

Click here to access/download the PDF document on how to print answer sheets.

How to Log in to Scan Station

All users log in to the scanning machine using the user name and password given to the schools during training at CTI. Once they are logged in, teachers can use Achievement Series login information they received in their e-mail to log in to Scan Station to scan and print answer sheets. If you are not able to log in to Scan Station at your school, call the Help Desk (301-517-5800).