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Paint Branch HS

What We Do

The division of long-range planning prepares decision makers and the community to address changes in enrollment and instructional programs through:

  • enrollment forecasting
  • quality data analyses
  • planning strategies
  • long-range facility plans

Planning Information

  • Boundary Changes - Current boundary studies and adopted boundary actions
  • School Site Selection - Current school site selection committee documentation
  • Roundtables - Current roundtable discussion groups
  • Work Groups - Current work group discussion groups
  • Report of the Cross-agency Work Group on School Design Options – September 23, 2015

Main Functions

  • Analyze demographics and project student enrollment, including special program enrollment.
  • Develop strategies and long-range facility plans to meet capacity and instructional program needs.
  • Coordinate the publication of the six-year Capital Improvements Program and annual updates to the Educational Facilities Master, and prepare justifications for projects included in these documents.
  • Maintain and update Education Specifications for all capital projects.
  • Develop school boundaries and student choice consortia.
  • Maintain and publish accurate school boundary information.
  • Represent MCPS interests in county land use planning and growth policy.

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